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RangerX3X -> Advance on Loenen (3/9/2012 4:08:12 AM)

This is a remake of a short scenario from the original Highway to the Reich that did not make it into the expansion pack.

Beta testing version


Place the Loenen.COP and Loenen.cop.cache files in your game maps folder

Place the Advance on Loenen.COS file in your game My Scenarios file

Note: Keeping with the original scenario from HTTR, this mission is only intended to be played from the Allied side.



pcelt -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/9/2012 10:15:50 AM)

Thanks Ranger---have only just d/l this--but as I said earlier I really appreciate the conversion of any of the smaller battles which did not make it into the official upgrade. Would particulary like conversions of "Air Landing Assault" and "Para Rescue" whenever you feel in the mood and have the time.
Thanks again
NB Only just started examining this properly----but must say how much better it is to be planning these battles with all the refinements of BFTB over the original HTTR
Please keep them coming when you have the time.....[&o]

RangerX3X -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/9/2012 10:42:29 AM)

I will take a look at those other two missions this weekend...the best I managed with Loenen is a draw, I would be interested to see what you can do with it given the time available in the scenario (12 hours).

ulisin -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/9/2012 1:34:46 PM)

user made HTTR-BFTB scenarios?
good! very good!

I love them!

bye, thanks

Bazza042 -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/11/2012 10:46:54 AM)

Many thanks, RangerX3X, for the scenario.

Works fine, although as with most scenarios it is more difficult now the update
has been installed.

Nice job!

Phoenix100 -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/16/2012 8:14:14 PM)

It's impossible. Thanks for it Ranger, but it's impossible. tried it many many times now. Can't even scrape a draw.

RangerX3X -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/19/2012 9:19:24 PM)

I've played it several times and have only had one draw, the rest were defeats. I've played it in original HTTR again and have won a decisive victory.

TBH I am hesitant to work on any more conversions at this point given the differences between the two games. I have my Marine Corps mod and some mapping to keep me busy until the next patch comes out.

pcelt -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/20/2012 12:30:55 PM)

I have to agree with both of you---getting nowhere near any sort of victory.
What sort of feedback do we have from people playing the official conversion scenarios.
Are they just a little more difficult than the original because of enemy AI improvements or are they proving extremely problematic with victories
excessively elusive compared with the original HTTR.
Would really welcome a range of feedback on this from anyone playing the HTTR converted scenarios
Many thanks.

gabeeg -> RE: Advance on Loenen (3/20/2012 4:50:05 PM)

I have only played a couple of the converted scenarios and can say that they are difficult but a win is very possible. I find I get a lot more draws instead of victories these days (...and like it).

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