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Erik Rutins -> Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East Released! (3/8/2012 4:50:40 PM)

The war on the Eastern Front continues with this latest DLC release

Slitherine (, Matrix Games (, The Lordz Games Studio (, and Flashback Games are thrilled to release Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East, the fifth DLC installment to the highly successful Panzer Corps series. Now players can take their battle-seasoned troops into battle to crush the Soviet winter offensive and prepare to engage in the largest tank battle in the history of the world at Kursk!

If you haven’t already, check out what all the buzz is about and download the playable demo of Panzer Corps! See why critics have praised this smash hit as”…nothing short of brilliant.”

About Grand Campaign ’43 East

Poland, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia, and Greece. All of these nations have fallen under occupation, and it was assumed that Russia would quickly join their ranks. However, not only have the Russians held back the Wehrmacht, but have turned them back at Stalingrad. Now the Wehrmacht seeks to regain the initiative in the East with fierce counterattacks lead by brand new Panther and Tiger tanks!

This DLC features 13 all new scenarios, extra large maps that recreate epic engagements, unique objectives such as escorting damaged units to safety and headhunter operations, and the capacity to save your core force for use in future campaigns!

The Grand Campaigns are a series of expansions for Panzer Corps and require Panzer Corps. Each campaign can be started with the core force from the previous Grand Campaign, so you can continue all Grand Campaign expansions carrying over all the core forces that completed the previous ones. Alternatively players can start with a preset core force and play each campaign on its own, or jump in to the Grand Campaign at any year.

Scenario List:
Kharkov43, Belgorod, Orel, Ponyri, Olkhovatka, Yakovlevo, Oboyan, Kursk Armory North, Kursk Armory South, Prokhorovka, Dnipropetrovs’k, Kremenchug, Kiev 43

Grand Campaign '43 East requires the original Panzer Corps to play.

Get more information on Panzer Corps from its official product page.

blastpop -> RE: Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East Released! (3/10/2012 4:00:26 PM)

I am interested in mostly the Eastern Front. Can I take the '43 Eastern Front DLC along with the '42 DLC and play an exclusively Eastern Front campaign comprising just those two DLC'S? In other words can I have just a 2 year East Front Campaign game?

blastpop -> RE: Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East Released! (3/11/2012 2:55:46 PM)

Anyone, anyone?

vonRocko -> RE: Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East Released! (3/11/2012 3:21:51 PM)


ORIGINAL: blastpop

Anyone, anyone?

Yes, you can start in 42 and continue, with the same core troops, to 43.

blastpop -> RE: Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East Released! (3/11/2012 11:38:32 PM)


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