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aagenbag2 -> Can we see whats happening behind the scenes? (3/5/2012 7:03:35 AM)

Hi there,

I have spent the past weekend learning to play TOAW and while it is slow going, I am making progress.

However, I am wondering if it is possible to see the mechanics of each combat, in order to better understand the outcomes? Ideally I'd like to see each unit's strenth, the modifiers applied to it for attacking and defending (e.g. terrain, weather & equipment modifiers) and how this compares to the enemy units. Ideally, I'd like to also see the "dice rolls"on a round by round basis! This is probably too much detail for normall play, but it would help understanding how things work.

Note that I already have the detailed combat reports turned on, but all that tells me is who is ataching & defending and the losses - it does not tell me how those losses were calculated.

Is it possible to see this level of detail? Something like the combat details screen for "Advanced Tactics Gold" would be ideal as it shows eactly how the combat played out.

If not available in the game, are the modifiers at least documented somewhere?

Thanks again!


Curtis Lemay -> RE: Can we see whats happening behind the scenes? (3/5/2012 5:57:58 PM)

Turn on the TOAW_Log. This is an option in the Opart 3.ini file. It creates a file in the main folder. You can then open that file in Wordpad or such. It will give you more details than you can handle.

aagenbag2 -> RE: Can we see whats happening behind the scenes? (3/5/2012 7:51:30 PM)

Thank you sir!
This may indeed turn out to be more details than I can handle, but I'm looking forward to try to figure it out. There goes my next weekend...[:)]

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