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Markhillard0 -> The scenario editor is clunky at best (3/4/2012 9:56:30 PM)

This is a great game and deserves a better editor

artofwar85 -> RE: The scenario editor is clunky at best (5/28/2012 2:07:30 PM)

Have you tried other editors of other games like Combat Mission Normandy ... the normandy editor is uh clunky in my opinion cause one has to do all these complex AI orders which tell the AI where and when to go with Panzer Core one can leave the ai on default with gives it inherant orders in Normandy there is no default if you don't do ai orders they sit there at least in Pazer Corps it has one or you can give it defend or passive defend .. attack. I made a scenario with some units having attack and they would not attack the same way each time I replayed the scenario.

But anyway what do you think is clunky about it. ??

How about the editor for Steel Panthers you can't even make the map you want until you patiently try 20 times with the auto generate map thing cause there is not manual map maker thing so you have to fight with it for 30 min just to get a map you like maybe.

But it is clunky Panzer Corps Editor is cause I can't get my turn text to come up each turn the turn page/window thing comes up but it does not show the scenario parameters the decisive win conditons only the turn number. But I sent the same scenario I made to someone on here and it worked fine for them ... they see text so it must be my pc I need to take a hammer to it.

well anyway let me know whats clunky about it maybe I we it they can help...

bebro -> RE: The scenario editor is clunky at best (5/28/2012 4:30:23 PM)

In general, I'm happy that the editor is there, and it has some nice features which help a lot (for example to add an image in the background of the map you want to create).

Of course, creators always want more options, and it has been improved already with later patches, so there's hope it still gets more functionality added over time.

One major weak point is that you need to be careful with the "generate tile" function, as it tends to wipe out manual map changes (so these are best to be done last).

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