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TMO -> Universal carrier - 3" mortar (3/4/2012 5:29:57 PM)

I decided to change the Guards 3" mortar platoons from six Universal carrier plus six 3" mortar to six 3"-armed Universal carriers (Universal Carrier - 3in mor from the estab). What I found was that if I issued a bombard order the FS tab shows zero rounds in reserve (i.e. no blue line). The E&S tab, however, shows the correct number of rounds held by the unit. Once out of ammo, although requesting and receiving supplies, no HE rounds were ever delivered. Changing back to carriers plus mortars and the poblem disappears. Can others replicate this?



Arjuna -> RE: Universal carrier - 3" mortar (3/4/2012 10:49:27 PM)

Interesting...has anyone else been able to make this happen?

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