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Kraftwerk -> Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/3/2012 3:29:16 PM)

Well hi there!

Were going to be starting up another game of GD1938, this time with a test Beta version. My name is Kraftwerk and ive been invited to the development team recently and will be helping out as the Axis in this AAR and test game.

Barring any game stopping bugs this should be a wild ride. Ernie and Bombur toiled through the night these past couple nights and fixed literally hundreds of bugs, completely re-did the Orders of Battle for all nations, adjusted production, supply, you name it, its seen in overhaul in these past few days, these guys have really worked hard.

Im going to be commanding the axis forces and seeing if i can lead them to glory, or at least break the game.

Turn 1:

Jan 10 1938 - German Turn

A committee central european powers agreed to the repartitioning of central europe under the directive of german national socialists. Austria surprisingly marched out of the open forum, and many german nationals were seen protesting in the capital of Vienna.

Newly formed, and illegal, german "scout" divisions, along with Yugoslavian and Rumanian regular army, now under German command, move to the border with Austria in show of gunboat diplomacy. These expatriots will be a part of germany again, or else! Anschluss or bust! Germany must be whole!

A hand was also extended to Mussolini the intellectual father of national socialism, to join the new republic, but Il Duce merely scoffed, and gave an old italian saying "Youre small potatoes, call me when youre serious about this".

Italian Turn:

Much wine was drank. Many a laugh at the pathetic germans was had. Mussolini threw someone out a window. He cried about it. Hes a silly silly man.

The entire political machine grinds to a halt as Mussolini conscripts tens of thousands of men into the engineer corps. Nets must be placed under ever window in Roma.

There was much rejoicing

Japanese turn:

A few gains were made in China, losses were minimal, though in one action in a heavily wooded province of southern china, losses were nearing unacceptable levels as a tenacious general refused to leave his objective untaken whatever the cost.

SNLF Forces begin conceptulization. Rifle II is researched, no one upgraded just yet, as the supply situation needs figuring out. This will allow Marine II to be researched on Turn 2. Then SNLF forces will begin production, then training, for use in operations.

A second and third landing are prepared and sitting in wait for China.

--- No pictures yet, those will come when theres a bit more warring, right now nothing much to show off. Some new art has been added, ill make sure to get those when they appear.

british exil -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/3/2012 5:03:38 PM)

The thread has been in the forum for 1 1/2 hrs and still no pic??

What are you doing in your free time??

No, serious now. Looking forward to your AAR, who are you playing against?

I will subscribe to your thread and follow the dealings with your neighbours and friends.


Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/3/2012 5:12:03 PM)

Bombur is the soviet union, Ernie is the allies.

Bombur -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/3/2012 8:54:50 PM)

Worried with German agression, the Baltic countries run back to Mother Russia.
Mongolia also become new Soviet Republic.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/3/2012 10:14:06 PM)

1938, January.

France fears seem to be coming true, Germany is on the rise again. This surely will lead to war. France prepares for the worst as both Italy and Germany appear threatening. Switzerland falling for a Right wing coup orchestrated by Italy doesnīt help the Maginot defend france, and forces are quickly shifted to protect the flank, in a desperate attempt to flank the Germans and Italians diplomatically a covert operation is set in motion. The operation, would ensure that the Austrian government became loyal to france. However the Abwehr must have been tipped off, cause when the Loyal supporters of brotherhood, equality and liberty, were ready they where themselves arrested by a number of counter conspiritors, who under the cover of wanting to save the country from the west, makes it rejoin Germany. The Anschluss happened, and the French government comes off looking bewildered and bruised.

Britain on the other hand is having quite a succes. Not alone did they prevent an italian coup in Greece, that led to the country getting a pro-british government, a successful covert operation in Denmark results in a new democratic government, that longs to come out of the shadow of the German pressure that the country had to endure during the first world war. Norway also found that signing a cooperation and affiliation pact with Great Britain was a most sensible proposal. The diplomatic battle of Scandinavia has begun, and Britain is off to a great head start.

The United states continues itīs peaceful way of life, oblivious to the perils of the world. Nothing happens that is worth reporting. In China, conscripts are fighting for their lives, and little is heard of the desperate struggles, of the common man. Chinese officials report though that a bombing raid against a Japanese division went well, and that at least 20 enemy tanks were destroyed! These metal beasts the chinese have themselves none of.

british exil -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/3/2012 10:26:03 PM)

sitting back watching the scenario developing.


Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 12:01:30 AM)

Feb 7th 1938 - Germany

No one knew Adolf Hitler secretly laid awake at night, worrying about his gamble in the Anschluss of central europe and the liberation of the germanic people. No one could tell by that mornings speeches that there had ever been any doubt that political pressure must be applied to nations of foriegn peoples, that germanic people would come to his beckon with merely the raise of his fist.

And raise his fist he did. Former SA, now SS and some of Hitlers own right hand men, forming a new organization called the "Gestapo" arrested 13 british, 2 french, and 1 spy from the united states within the parliamentary government of Austria. Hapsburg they are not. With the wool lifted from the eyes of the germanic citizens of Vienna rose up, and "detained" many other members of the democratic government, forcing the rest into exile in Allied nations.

Later that afternoon, fearing for thier lives, the Chechs capitulated to german demands, ceding not only the Sudetenland but the entire nation.

The whole of southern and central Europe belongs to the Third Riech. Perhaps now that sullen bastard Mussolini will realize that the way back to imperial greatness is with alliance with the german people. That the glory of Rome is the glory of Fascism!

A total reorganization of the OKW to include all the new troops of these nations.

Cries of german citizens in Danzig ring out "Macht Fre"..."Macht Fre".

Feb 7th 1938 - Italy

160,000 Italian men heeded Il Duces call to service. Besides the so called "army of engineer corps" the Americans have, the Italians can have pride that they have the largest civil service engineer force in the world.

Wine was drank.

Apparently germany called...we'll get back to them.

What...invite them to the party? Have you ever had to attempt to have fun with a german? FOH GIT ABOUT IT

There was much rejoicing.

Ethiopian forces were moved back to Italy or disbanded. Its to hot.

Feb 7th 1938 - Japan

I think a picture is finally in order.

Japanese forces in China succeed in a 2nd landing south of Hangchow. Japan is now the only nation in history to pull off two successful amphibious landings, without a port, in a row. The world, and the way it wages war. Is changing forever.

Armored units threaten to cut off 175,000 chinese forces in inhospitable terrain. Losses to Cavalry forces are heavy, but the days of the horse are soon coming to an end, and the days of the iron horses are just beginning.

31,000 Chinese soldiers are encircled at Hangchow, a heavy production center.

These two encirclements can go a long way to making China a short conflict.


Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 12:08:20 AM)

As you can see as Japan, last turn I used all 3600 fuel but 7, this turn I used only exactly 3000.

Japan has serious fuel problems, but good management and limited offensives with good short term goals, you can do some damage in China before it becomes a stalemate, and armor, and thereby fuel, is needed. Which of course will bring you into conflict with someone very quickly, as there are a few lightly defended oil wells around, and those people who own them, have much bigger problems to deal with.

If you attempt to much, you can leave yourself not being able to move critical units and offensives stalling out with the front actually lengthened thinning out your forces to the point the chinese might actually succeed in a counter attack.


Also with using all the fuel last turn but 7, I left myself nothing to intercept chinese aircraft with. Its possible I would not have intercepted anyways. But this time I have a decent sized reserve to punish and foolish chinese bi planes from strafing my troops, trucks, or dropping fire bombs on my tanks.

The 20 lost tanks hurts. Many of those were highly trained crews.

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 12:31:40 AM)

For any readers, the strategy im employing in china is limited frontage, and the rotation of forces back from the line the recuperate and receive already trained replacements.

The offensives I have mounted are aimed at reducing my frontage by 13 hexes (the offensive adding 4) for a total of 9 less hexes I have to station units in, being that there are generally 2 divisions in each hex, thats 18 divisions ill free up for other operations than sitting around providing flank security so the chinese forces dont attempt any manuevering of their own.

The next operation, which will be codenamed Falling Rain, which will occur if time tables are met, in the summer, should again reduce my frontage by 4 more hexes, leaving only 14 hexes across china as frontage. Easily manned by half the forces I currently am using. Then forces can either be disbanded, or taken back to japan and upgraded, retrained and sent elsewhere to secure the resources to finish the war with china without a total japanese bloodbath.

Bombur -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 12:44:18 AM)

Soviet turn: Nothing to report. The Soviet Union is following a policy of non intervention after the annexation of Baltic States.
Trotsky, from exile, wrote an article criticizing the policy of neutrality followed by USSR. According to him, the USSR is inviting fascist agression by ignoring the German he right?

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 12:51:32 AM)

As an act of friendship, Il Duce sends a dove, dyed red, carrying the telephone # for a one, Ramon Perez (Mercader) to Stalins vacation Dacha on the Volga.

He is said the be quite the assassin, no one ever survives a blow from his weapon of choice...which is why they call him. The Ice Pick.

Perhaps he can handle your Trotsky problem.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 2:28:00 AM)

Febuary 1938,

France is increasingly getting paranoid. The recent takeover of Czechoslovakia hasnīt helped matters. France thought it had a strong ally in them. Instead French intelligence tries to manipulate members of the Hungarian government, to join up with France, but this fails too. Who can blame them with the amount of power that is radiating from Germany. That power has made Belgium scared though, and they join the French, who immediately move forces to the German-Belgian border. The Belgian Navy sails for London, where it is many merchants are incorperated in the merchant fleet. The Danish merchant ships soon follow and dock in London as well.

There has been alot of movements by single German ships in the seas around France and Great Britain could this be a prelude to war?

Speaking of Britain. They convinced the Poles that it would be wise to join the Allied cause. This no doubt had something to do with the fact that there are massive concentrations of German troops at their borders. A crisis plan is drawn up, and troops are moved to better be prepared for the hopefully not eventual onslaught.

The CIA has been busy this month. Not only did they orchestrate a succesfull coup in Ecuador, they orchestrated succesful coups in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. All these countries join the common cause, to stay out of the war that is brewing in Europe, unless they absolutely have to choose a side. A single coup, in Guatemala, however ended in a German puppet government. Roosevelt is alittle concerned. Also Cuba decided to join the United States of America.

In China, things looked bleak. A breakout would be necessary from Hangchow, unless the troops were to starve and become unable to fight. A cunning plan was drawn up, a seemingly strong japanese concentration of troops, outside Hangchow had taken up positions. The japanese felt themselves very confident. They had even moved their entire Army Artillery to these positions. An assault would most likely fail, the japanese felt. And why would they worry, this was only Chinese conscripts they where facing...

At dawn a buggle sounded, and the entire 37.000 encircled men of the besieged in Hangchow, charged the stunned japanese position. They where supported by troops attacking the Japanese from the rear. It quickly turned into a rout, and most of the Japanese artillery was mauled, and destroyed, while the 2 divisions guarding the position were almost destroyed.

The cost however is probably that Hangchow is lost. As the troops are unable to hold it in the long run, and most have moved away, to try and rejoin the Chinese frontlines. Still it was a great victory... the first of many perhaps.

Here is a screenshot showing where the action was.


ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 2:36:51 AM)


In the north of China, the Japanese attacks are sought to be stopped by throwing massive amounts of conscripts at them. Also troops are moving south to Yenan from Kweisui, that is threatened by Japanese attempts to cut it off from supply. Attacks are made with old 75mm guns and not quite modern aircrafts on strategic positions of the Japanese... but losses are not as high as expected. In one case 20 fighter Is were shot down by simple machinegun fire, from the Heavy Japanese Machine Guns. Although witnesses to the events claim that some of the downed aircraft were more due to neglect and malfunctioning and pilot error, to actual gun fire. Still that is alot of lost planes.

All in all, it was a good turn for the Chinese.

For those keeping count: Kraftwerk lost 6 Artillery IIs out of 9 that the Army near Shanghai starts out with!

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 7:41:36 AM)

March 7 1938 - Germany

Reorganization of the Wehrmacht is complete. Poland falls to an allied coup, but they were always a puppet of the allies.

Many nations fear germanys might and have signed on with the allies. In discussion round tables, Feldmarshals consider if the allies have stacked to many claims. Many times was the phrase "To defend everything, is to defend nothing" was heard echoing the same prussian halls that once boomed Karl von Clauswitz's voice as his and napoleons armies marched victoriously across Europe.

News that a right wing fascist coup has been successful in throwing off the chains of "democracy" somewhere in central america intrigues many in the OKW.

March 7th 1938 - Italy

A party is held in Madrid, where much was discussed between the father of fascism and his favorite apprentice.

Much wine was consumed.

Many jokes were made of the germans.

Italian ships report there are no french garrisons in its coastal cities. Drunk, but armed, Italian sailors load up to make a surprise visit, but upon sobering up discovered that the cities were indeed manned.

Ethiopia is successfully evacuated. Talks of giving the territory to Franco was circulated in the tabloids.

March 7th 1938 - Japan

It was a costly month for the imperial japanese army, but gains were made. The trapped Chinese army made a desperate attempt to rescue its forces. 10,000 men were lost attempting to flee the pocket by any means, but in an astonishing turn of events, enemy saboteurs were able to destroy or disable many japanese artillery pieces as they made their early morning infiltration through enemy lines.

The pocket was reclosed later in the afternoon, but not before almost 10,000 men made it out alive. Early the next morning, Hangchow was captured and its production centers turned over the imperial consolt for the province. Little over 8,000 men still remained, most were captured, many simply returned to their lives as workers, blending into the large population.

It was bittersweet news to the battered 67th Imperial Infantry Division, whose forces were over run the night before. Beaten and weary, the survivors are loaded onto transports for R&R back home in Japan. Its rumored this heroic division will be the first to receive elite SNLF units, and will be included in operation Falling Rain. The division has earned its new moniker, 67th IID "Seizon Sha" or simply, The Survivors.

All in all the operation was a success, 7,000 japanese soldiers lost their lives, 80 heavy artillery pieces were lost for good. Its a shame the pocket net only 60% of its original containment but not having to fight a costly urban battle in which many more divisions than the 67th would have been battered for months was a blessing. A large production center, capable of supply a good number of Japanese troops is now in imperial hands, and the troops are still ready for perhaps another short operation before Falling Rain.

Upwards of 30,000 Chinese soldiers lost thier lives in the battles and actions surrounding the operation, and many more divisions were rendered moot. Still, nearly a million men face off against the imperials.

In the north, the hammer pushes chinese units towards the anvil, south of the anvil, at the cost of many Japanese lives, night infiltration assaults are launched against all chinese positions. The brutal hand to hand combat by the light of flares and artillery fire, cost the Japanese dearly, exhausting 5th army. Over 300 sq km of chinese farmland falls into Japanese hands, and the Chinese army is pushed back and pressed away from the anvil.

Two japanese armored divisions sit poised to exploit any weaknesses left after the Chinese reorganize.

This hopefully presents a critical choice for China. Abandon the troops who are trapped (tho still own the rail line out, cleared the troops off of it, effectively cutting that entire army corps off from its southern friends, but wasnt able to move in and occupy the hex, I think due to Zone of Control.

Or, hopefully, spread out the fresh divisions to cover the advance in an attempt to save their brethren. Then the armor and Korean reinforcements can gain a bit more ground and seal the pocket, before the imperial army must rest and prepare for the next campaign season.

No pictures or battle plans sadly, dont want my opponent to get any hints as to what may come next :)

Suffice to say in this version, china is not a push over, it will be a long slow slog against the chinese hordes. And it will surely attrite the japanese army and if they cant wrap it up, or find a reasonable stalemate in which they can stop focusing on the area, cause the same inevitable conclusion as the real war.

I personally underestimated the attacking strength of close to 40,000 Chinese attacking a unit that took a readiness hit, and wasnt entrenched. I figured to kill many more than I did. 52 was a shy bit lower than my expectation i must admit. But 10,000 dead chinese is 10,000 dead chinese.

So far I think its around 30k dead Japanese to 100k dead Chinese. Not a great ratio. Tho many of the casualties were recent in the infantry offensive. Hope to increase the number of dead chinese by quite a bit in the next turn.

Total japanese casualties in china were around 500,000 from 1937-1945. We'll assume we've already lost 10-15k in the landings and push through Mengchuko. So 45k already is not super great. I have 9 months to go in this year!

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 8:02:51 AM)

For those who like the numbers, I destroyed 212 chinese conscripts this turn, about 43,000 men. Lost 53 Rifle Is, about 10,000 men.

This isnt including machine gun bats, mortar bats, or other support, that easily include another 4-7,000 men on each side.

Not terrible, but not great. What is good, is that other than the 67th and its support, losses have been pretty even across the front, this means when replacements are added in the spring, it wont hurt xp to much.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 4:32:10 PM)

March 1938, Allied report

France is still paranoid... and spotting the German Fleet along with Transports filled with troops near Le Havre did not make matters better. Troops are being moved to counter what would be a German surprise landing, but it is highly doubtfull that these troops are meant for France, at least the British security services are reporting that their destination is most likely Gibraltar, or perhaps Ireland...

To make the French feel more at ease, the Channel Fleet has been ordered to shadow the German Kriegsmarine. In foreign news, Turkey joins Germany, as the British make an ill conceived attempt at overthrowing the government. This is going to be bad news for everybody, save Germany, even Italy may feel that it should have gotten Turkey...

The CIA has done it again. A succesfull coup in the Dominican Republic. All the smaller countries of middle america seem to want to be friends with the Great United States of America.

In China, the current ferrosity of the Japanese attacks have taken the chinese aback. Troops are rushed to sensitive areas, and armies are reinforced the best possible. Kweisui seems almost lost to some of the more defeatist generals of the Chinese Army. However a very good counter attack made by units of several armies, against the Japanese armored spearhead succeeded. The battle was tough, but in the end, the Chinese prevailed. Also a division near Tsingtao was bombed to such a degree that it tempted the chinese into an offensive. The results were ok, but nothing more... Chinese troops refrained from following up...

Here is a view of what is happening in China...


ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 8:56:34 PM)

I also thought it would be enlightening to see the actual combat losses on each side, both for this turn, and for the war (from 1938 january) to this point...

Here is a screenshot


ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/4/2012 9:01:43 PM)

The total output of china (unoccupied) is around 30k production points. And a conscript costs 100 of those. So in essence I can take losses of around 200 conscripts each turn, without it being a major disaster... So while losses at present are high, I expect them to be lower, soon, as the Japanese warmachine, litterally runs out of gas.

Frankly i think it already is running out of gas, as itīs tanks fell rather easily to the attacking conscripts. Possibly Kraftwerk is not keeping enough fuel for defence... which is rather good news for me.

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/5/2012 2:27:20 AM)

April 4th 1938 - Germany

The addition of turkey into the germanic national socialist leauge is an interesting development.

Bulgaria is annexed to provide a supply route to Turkey. This came as little surprise to anyone. Hungary is still an "independent nation" but the newly elected government are all known nazi puppets.

The failure to shake Royal Navy tails in the Channel forced the german taskforce to return to Kiel.

April 4th 1938 - Italy

Everyone is at brunch.

There was much rejoicing.

April 4th 1938 - Japan

In the north, massive chinese counter attacks push defenders out of newly created fighting positions almost before theyre completed. A bloody month long struggle ended in dead on many sides.

Finally a plan was devised to push the chinese back, and not fortify the area, but simply fade back to previous positions and see if the the chinese would reenter the area, now stripped of any sort of trenches or defensive structures, and sure enough they did. Heavy japanese counter attacks destroy 185 conscripts, 16 Mortar brigades, and a handfull of other units. This time japanese losses were light. Well timed attacks against infantry that was still scratching its head as to why there was no enemy to fight that morning.

The front is moved forward in the north, and entrenchments are destroyed and chinese sent running in the south.

5th army, exhausted from the fighting, is pulled from the front for R&R. 1st Army fresh from Japan moves up to take its place, as well as Korean nationals and their army of korea.

The IJN makes heavy air attacks in the north, and the division that routed the 43rd IID, is punished by bombardment and shelling.

Many new ****8sfasd8f88**8f8d8* *

*radio broadcast cuts off abruptley replaced with a recording, stating further information censored by the Imperial Government with concerns to upcoming military operations*

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 12:07:36 AM)

Intermezzo 1938.

While we are all waiting for the most recent developements, I thought that perhaps it would be prudent to show you a few of the games units. So here is what the starting divisions of Japan and China look like. Notice how the Japanese Divisions are packed with all forms of goodies, while the Chinese basically consist of 1 SFT type, in large numbers, and just a few Battalions to back it up.

In real life Japanese divisions were about 4 times the size of Chinese divisions, but we have chosen to represent divisions differently in this game.

Here is an overview.


Bombur -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 1:08:40 AM)

April 1938.

Stalin is growing increasingly nervous with German troops moving to the Rumania/USSR border. Units in the South Front are being reinforced.
Stalin thinks that, maybe, Trotsky is right???

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 1:21:33 AM)

The generals of the armies of south eastern europe still remember occupation under the Czar, and arent looking to return to Russian control.

Despite the urging of German generals, they seem hellbent on stationing maximum defense at the border with the Ukraine. The citizens of Costanza remember well the Cossacks rampage through the city as they retreated in world war one.

Can age old hatreds be set aside? Or will this be the prelude to another conflict in White Russia. The germans know it is no longer the Dons who hold power in Russia, but can these new "socialists" be trusted? Little leaks out from behind the Iron Curtain.

The germans eagerly await their copies of Alexander Berkman's synopsis of soviet Russia.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 3:07:06 AM)

1938 april, allied turn

In international news, France regains control over Haiti. The Haitian governement felt that it was wise to join up with the old protector of their rights, and has become a friend of France. The French Atlantic fleet returns to port, and visits are made by submarines to the nearby British channel cities.

The British Channel fleet shadows the German Kriegsmarine all the way to Hamburg. While there pictures are taken by photographs revealing that the Germans are building troop transports in Kiel. Frightened by this, the Danes (who are an island kingdom) request more protection from Britain. Norway too requests protection, from this new threat.

In the USA times are good, peace is a thing to be treasured, and apart from a stern talk with the Japanese diplomats who reside in Washington DC, warning them not to take any rash actions in China... nothing serious is happening.

The chinese scramble once more. This time to try and hold the city of Kweisui. Non-essential personel has been evacuated from the city and reinforcements have been promised, although, none are seen arriving in the otherwise important city. Perhaps as a foreshadow of things to come the Army HQ that was located in the city has hastily packed and burned all files that are not to fall in Japanese hands.

I leave you all with a map of China, as it looked when i closed my turn. Perhaps not the most exciting map, but at least its possible to see the results of the recent Japanese attacks.


Josh -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 2:58:19 PM)


ORIGINAL: ernieschwitz

Intermezzo 1938.

While we are all waiting for the most recent developements, I thought that perhaps it would be prudent to show you a few of the games units. So here is what the starting divisions of Japan and China look like. Notice how the Japanese Divisions are packed with all forms of goodies, while the Chinese basically consist of 1 SFT type, in large numbers, and just a few Battalions to back it up.

In real life Japanese divisions were about 4 times the size of Chinese divisions, but we have chosen to represent divisions differently in this game.

Here is an overview.

Hm not bad, the Japanes Inf division packs a hefty punch for an early war unit. Like you say, all kinds of goodies, good for offensive and defensive movements.

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 3:31:22 PM)

May 2nd 1938 - Germany

Not much to report. Several french and british task forces are seen moving about, Uboats and destroyers shadow these movements. A large french merchant force is heading unguarded into the med.

Berkman's first drafts are troubling.

Though his view of Stalin gives Hitler hope. Perhaps he is a man who understands as he does, the world needs a change. The georgian private turned Dictator is not too different from the german corporal turned Dictator.

In a speech on the 3rd, Hitler almost all but suggests war over Danzig is inevitable if the allied powers refuse to cede the territory back to its rightful owner.

2 years ago, this kind of brash international threat would have been scoffed it.

Now the axis is clearly the most powerful cadre in Europe.

New factory techniques are employed and germany receives the 2nd of its assembly line upgrades. It now produces at 50% great levels than it did at the start of 1938.

The bungling of coups in Turkey and Austria can be thanked for this. The political prestige gained from these two nations alone has skyrocketed Germanys international standing.

Even if its a standing based on fear and intimidation.

May 2nd 1938 - Italy

Worldcup hopefuls Italy begin training a new Argentinian Striker.

The gala in Madrid has produced results, Mussolini's favorite son enters the fold, I imagine much to frances dismay.

With the maginot now rendered entirely moot by mere politics, Frances politicians now see what Gamelin saw years ago. That the era of fixed fortifications is at an end.

Italy begins pressing for the cessesstion of former Roman colonies in southern france, Piedmont in perticular, and on Franco's behalf begins demanding North african territories as well as the return of south american holdings.

Spains demands are not limited there. The Phillipines, Cuba, New Gueani are all considered Spanish national territories in recent speeches.

Ethiopia is ceded to Franco, as well as Tunis and Tripoli. In return experianced spanish soldiers fresh from combat in the civil war, as well as its strong navy and airforce are added to the command of Regia Nautica and Commando Supremo.

The Andrea Doria and its sister ship the Andulucia, make a historic meeting, a mere mile from french waters south of Marsaille to exchange flags. Symbolic of the union between Franco and Mussolini.


May 2nd 1938 - Japan

Japan stuns the world again. A third amphibious landing within a year, this time south of Tsingtao, another heavy production center. The landings were followed up by artillery and air attacks from a local carrier task force.

Newly formed Combat engineers of the Imperial Korean Army, create bridges and assault from across the river to the northwest of the city in combination with the landings and bombardment.

In the end, less than 2,000 Japanese lost their lives, and two chinese divisions were smashed to pieces. With no where to retreat, due to the landings, they were utterly annihilated. Perhaps a few survivors made it to the swamps to the north east of the city. But disease and starvation will kill them faster than japanese bullets.

The bloody conquest in northern china has come to a successful close this campaign season.

Kweisui is in Japanese hands and its production capacity is turned over to the local imperial consolt. For the time being this is General Tokado of 3rd Army. Tokado has stationed his forces on the northern and southern flanks of the city, and asked for air support to moved up as quickly as possible, even before the debris is cleared. Japanese army aircraft arent the most rugged of airplanes, but their landing gear mostly holds on the grass fields and unpaved streets of Kweisui. A few planes but no pilots are lost. With his objective reached, he orders his troops to dig in, 2 of every 10 men man the defenses in shifts, and enjoy some much needed R&R in the cool summer sun of northern china. Kweisui's factories and citizens begin producing the goods needed to sustain a large army, far from rail heads in enemy territory. (for grognards, the army needs 425 supplys, it needed exactly 500 when it started, so theres my losses. Kweisui produces 217 supplies and is damaged, at full capacity it will make 250 supplys a turn. Without a road available, in the plains and light forest in northern china i am at 50% supply from my railheads along the coast. At full production Kweisui produces the 50% im not getting. This allows for his army to to be a full effective fighting force that can fight and rest at predictable intervals, instead of a strung out constantly exhausted army that cant attack as often as armies down the coast. This means once I DO take the coast, 3rd army would be in a limited position to help endanger chinas flanks. This is why I was pushing so hard for this city in the north. Id been at 50% supply for most of the drive to get there.)

Tokado's 3rd army is the least damaged of the three armies in China. But even it, is a shell of its former self. Missing many of its small 12.7mm and 20mm support guns, a good number of tankettes were lost, and of course many of its young men. The men are easiest to replace, the tankettes will be replaced by newer models (ill showcase these next turn). Sadly the japanese lack the capability to produce their own heavy machine guns in any real way. Many were secured by contract before the war.

It looks like Imperial Japan must look for new friends. An empire is forming in Europe, and a great contest of diplomacy is taking place. Who is the clear industrial power there? Who can provide the empire of Japan the machines and munitions its going to need for the war in china?

This ends the three offensive operations planned for the spring of 1938. The capture of Kweisui in a daring offensive by a brave general knowing the limits of his men, and pushing them there day after day until his objective was reached, the capture of Hangchow and Tsingtao. Chinese production is severly hurt by the loss of these three cities. While japanese losses were high, a great objective in the north was reached, and japanese troops hold the means to supply themselves without the help of the home islands. This is great boon to the japanese forces stationed there. Now whatever events may occur, the invasion of asia is safe.

Next turn ill preview some units, show some localized pictures of the re armament and deployment of new forces.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/6/2012 10:47:52 PM)


New factory techniques are employed and germany receives the 2nd of its assembly line upgrades. It now produces at 50% great levels than it did at the start of 1938.

British Intelligence services have made calculations and found this claim is highly dubious. This just shows how one cannot trust intelligence reports from Germany.

(In game terms Germany would have spent a whopping 957 PPs 937 of which should be gained in the 5 rounds the game has went. Making Germany having to produce 188 PPs a turn, and their economy only produces 72 PPs a turn from the start of the game, lets make it 80 PPs (we are going to be generous). That means that Germany some how must produce 100 PPs pr. turn, from other sources than German soil... Highly unlikely... A single upgrade however is very feasible)

ernieschwitz -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/7/2012 1:56:11 AM)

Early May, 1938...

Tensions are running high in France. Armies are being shifted to counter this new threat from the South, that is Spain. The French however find some comfort in the fact that it is Il Duce that now holds the reigns to Spain, and not a mad man (a german!) like Hitler. Perhaps they can be bought off. Chamberlain seems to think so... But then again it is easy to sit back in England and determine how to handle rampant dictators behind the moat that is the English Channel.

In Great Britain the Prime minister is listening to the German Radio broadcasts with some discomfort, but having met Hitler in person, he doesnīt believe he is the monster and mad man the French make him out to be. And Versailles was harsh on the Germans. Let us not forget that. Peace can still be maintained in our times. Hitler said as much in private to Chamberlain. Meanwhile, a dark brooding Churchill insists that war is coming and the armament industries better get ready. No more building civilian factories, like the Chemical works outside of London that are now supplying the bloated French Army.

In America everything is peaceful. Roosevelt has seen the newest manufacturing ways being implemented to produce cars, and other civilian goods. This is indeed a new deal for America. Roosevelt feels sure of being reelected with all the success he is providing.

China is a mess! 3 Armies are scrambling to protect Yenan from the onslaught of the Japanese. Kweisui has fallen, and so has Tsingtao. In a desperate attempt at some retaliation, heavy bombers flew over Kweisui to bomb the industrial centers, only to be shot down by primitive biplane Japanese fighters... Generalisimo Chang Kai Shek decides that this month no general briefing for the benefit of reporters will be held (no screenshots). One decision is made however... No more surprise landings. The eastern coast of China is evacuated both of civilians and military personel... let them conquer what is left. Only the Southern coast, near Canton is held, and held in strength by Chinese forces.

Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/7/2012 3:21:50 AM)

May 30th 1938 - Germany

Adolf Hitler and his inner circle go on a speaking tour of the Reich, construction begins on Berchesgarden, a vacation retreat in Austria.

Not much news. A few french and british task forces are shadowed, one lost as it out paced old german destroyers.

New Gerwehr 38 Semi automatic rifles are given out to the training cadre in berlin, as well as many front line units on the french and polish borders.

May 30th 1938 - Italy

Foundation is laid for a new chemical factory in central Italy, should be completed in early 1939.

Newly created 6th Army is on its way to Albania to bring a comfortable ratio of soldiers into the area of operations around Greece.

Spains army redeploys on the french border. Franco is most pleased new Breda machine guns that are arriving in his divisions fresh from Italy.

May 30th 1938 - Japan

Fortifications and entrenchments continue being developed around Kweisui.

1st SNLF HQ is landed in Tsingtao to support the marines and landing forces. The famed 67th Division disembarks and immediately is at the heels of the retreated Chinese formations.

Devestating air and land attacks help push the chinese away from the coast.

Enemy fortifications are cleared north west of Kweisui, and japanese combat engineers leave nothing for any returning Chinese troops.

The also famed 45th IID is reinforced with a light division of SNLF marines and returns to the front. Also reinforced is another bde of infantry guns.

The Marines fight twice as well as regular infantry and are assumed to have their own support, but are 5x as expensive. I upgraded the starting marines to marines II for a little extra punch. I also waited a few turns to let their XP build up to a respectable level.

The un entrenched fleeing chinese troops made a good target to boost that XP a bit higher. So far no marine company has been lost.

Heres the 45th IID:

Also shown is a recuperating armored division, and another newly formed armored division heading down the rail lines.


Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/7/2012 3:30:25 AM)

Pictured here is the carrier task force that has been harrassing the chinese and causing so much damage.

Also pictured is the broken down 67th IID "Seizon Sha" with its new Marine IIs that have linked up all the landing zones and cleared the fields inland. These are the units in light blue.

I feel pretty confident breaking it down like this here infront of so many forces, because you can see all the O combat value units the chinese have. These are the battered remnants of last few battles.

Among these are alot of strong fresh chinese divisions, but to throw them at a single unit might not be the best course because of the counter attacks theyd get in plains without entrenchment.

I think the lines are going to stablize here for a bit while both sides recuperate.

You can see the unique Cruisers that the Japanese get, specific classes of units that are a marked difference from other nations in the same tech level, will get their own unique SFTs. Some of these can be built again, some cant.

Also you can see in the north west corner is Tsingtao. The chinese engineers, who arent numerous, blew the bridge there after a few turns of game time (I assume building up the EPs) At the same time my engineers had been saving up to by pass this bridge and build a new bridge right into Tsingtao itself.

I probably wont rebuild the ancient chinese bridge, which may very well have stood for many, many years.


Kraftwerk -> RE: Anschluss or Bust; A GD1938 AAR and Test Game (3/7/2012 3:30:56 AM)


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