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henri51 -> Suggestion for BIG AARs (3/3/2012 12:42:16 PM)

I love reading AARs and the new addon allows some really big battles that are very interesting. But I find it hard to follow the battles on the maps because there are so many units! So my suggestion is when describing the overall strategy or situation, to display only the HQ units on the maps so that the maps are not so cluttered.

After all, in real military maps, only the HQ units are displayed and not every platoon...

Grats to those who are publishing those interesting AARs; keep it up, but consider de-cluttering the maps so I can understand what is going on.Oh, and it is really helpful when notes and arrows are added to the map.


RangerX3X -> RE: Suggestion for BIG AARs (3/3/2012 2:46:19 PM)

When you display on HQ units, it is only for your side, the AI enemey side will still display all known units based on the intel filter you have set, regardless if they are a HQ or not.

henri51 -> RE: Suggestion for BIG AARs (3/4/2012 2:27:56 AM)

True, but if you are planning, you normally want to illustrate only the plan for your own side since you can only guess what the enemy's plan is.

A useful feature along this line would be if there were a button to display only the units shown in the OB window, e.g. collapsed units would not be shown. So for instance, once could choose to display only HQ units and support units.

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