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Markhillard0 -> Unit Graphics Mods (3/2/2012 11:40:25 PM)

How can I change the graphics of a unit? I would like to adapt a U.S. Civil War scenario.

VPaulus -> RE: Unit Graphics Mods (3/3/2012 12:04:07 AM)

Take a look at this thread in Slitherine forum:

I've made a Union infantry icon unit. I'll do also a Confederate one.

Markhillard0 -> RE: Unit Graphics Mods (3/4/2012 10:00:31 PM)

How do you transfer from (example: Photoshop) to a useable game file ?

VPaulus -> RE: Unit Graphics Mods (3/4/2012 11:56:50 PM)

Just save as png with the transparency activated.

Markhillard0 -> RE: Unit Graphics Mods (3/5/2012 2:06:49 PM)

Thanks. I am sure it is obvious I am new to this-so I appreciate your patience, Two questions: "save w/ transparency activated"-can you be more detailed...is there a transparency option in Photoshop? Also, when you indicate to save the <new> equipment file you indicate to only overwrite a portion of it. I encounter 2 issues. First I don't know how to parse this file, Second even when I attermpt to overwrite the whole file Vista will not allow me to do so (no error message, justt no result). Any assit is appreciated and I apologize for being a newbie.

VPaulus -> RE: Unit Graphics Mods (3/5/2012 4:12:55 PM)

When you save as PNG you have that option.
You've to have a transparency layer.
For the equipment file, use Mark's editor:

You don't have to apologize. What happens is that I might not fully understand your issues. English is not my native language.
Are you already thinking in any specific image to use in Photoshop? If so, could you show me, for me to better understand the nature of your issue?

Here's one example of an icon unit that the game can use:
Save this image in your computer (right click over and select "Save as"). It'ęs already in PNG. Now open with Photoshop and notice the transparent layer (checkered) beneath the figures.
You can also open in Photoshop one of the game units, Panzer Corps\Graphics\Units.

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