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Lebatron -> Modding the AI and creating scenarios (3/2/2012 9:46:11 PM)

One of the best things the PC version brings to the table imo is the creative tools WCS has wisely included for us modders. Not only can you make whatever kind of scenario you want, you can also design your own unit scripts for the enemy AI. Play your creation, test your AI, then go back in and tinker until you got it working exactly how you want. Once you think you've made the greatest scenario out there it can be uploaded for others to enjoy. The game already has a section in its menu to select community made scenarios.

I think it's going to be fun watching what the modding community comes up with. I sure hope WCS on occasion picks out the real cherries and rewards the modder with some kind of recognition for his hard work. Maybe something like a scenario of the month award or maybe just including the best of the best in patch updates with a blessing that they are now officially part of the base games growing list of scenarios. It should be cool.

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