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dianajackh@gmail.com -> Opportunity Fire Conundrum (3/1/2012 4:11:03 PM)

At least since I installed the latest patch, it seems that grenadier/engineer units NEVER use opportunity fire against armored units. I mean NEVER. I've tried playing with the "D" key on fire control for individual units, and no change. I've uninstalled/reinstalled. No change. Any one seen the same trends or know if some code was altered to read "all grenadier/engineer units will cower in the presence of any armored opponent?" Really changes the nature of the game. Armor can march up to entrenched positions with impunity and then back off after point blank fire. Thanks in advance for comments/suggestions. Jack

XLVIIIPzKorp -> RE: Opportunity Fire Conundrum (3/16/2012 3:58:31 AM)

Do you have your op-fire vs. hard targets set to long? If set to short or medium they will never fire, also make sure your global settings for other types vs. hard targets are set to long.

Global settings alawys take precedence unless the individual settings are more restrictive. If your global opfire is set to short or med vs. hard targets and you set the individual unit to long it will change back to short or medium as soon as you exit the screen and your units will never fire.

When I start a game I always go to the global d-fire settings and set all units vs. all targets to long and then adjust individual units as I desire.

I use to experience your problem until I learned how to set the opfire with regards to global and individual settings.

Hope that helps.

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