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joeyeti -> HTTR changes over RDoA? (2/28/2012 11:09:49 AM)

Hi folks,

I recently discovered this wonderful series of games that would certainly fit my style of play (not too micromanagement-wise, but being able to if I wish). And after reading reviews and game descriptions I did not find any comprehensive "changelog" between the games themselves. I mean in terms of what has been improved or added between original RDoA and HTTR, what you can do in HTTR that you could not do in RDoA etc.

1. Given that these games are pretty old by now (yes, 10 years IS old now) and that even if I am interested in Command Ops in the future I want to check RDoA and HTTR first (Crete... not so much), is there any summary like that? Is it even feasible to go into RDoA, or should one start with HTTR right away (knowing that it contains the whole Market Garden operation)?

2. Also, as HTTR came with a PDF manual and RDoA did not, could the HTTR manual be used as a reference point for RDoA gamplay (given I know the differences between the games and can "filter" out the details)?

Thx very much!

Arjuna -> RE: HTTR changes over RDoA? (2/28/2012 11:37:27 AM)


Thanks for the post. I recommend you start with Command Ops:BFTB and then get the HTTR Expansion Pack. That way you will get the latest engine and still be able to play the full Market Garden battles. BTW when you buy the HTTR Ex Pack you can download for free the old HTTR game.

joeyeti -> RE: HTTR changes over RDoA? (2/28/2012 2:41:27 PM)

Hi Dave,

thx for the suggestion. I indeed really like the latest iteration, but unfortunately having 10-month old twins I cannot justify such a purchase :)
Not to bash on the price (I believe it is justified by the game's scope and depth), but currently I am in no position to acquire it. But later...

Reg. the original game - I know this has stopped being sold, but perhaps I can get a copy somewhere (some online ships or Amazon or something) and the price for that would be siGnificantly lower, and maybe even in my price range. Thus the questions :)

Lieste -> RE: HTTR changes over RDoA? (5/27/2012 5:27:40 PM)

If you buy the expansion, it comes with the free original...

You can if you really want to use the older version, and then when you can afford to, upgrade to the CmdOps engine at a later date.

Doing it the other way will cost more -

in a lost initial sale for Panther (you'd be picking up a second hand copy ~ which is ok, but doesn't fund further development)

it might also be at a silly price - seems to a be a trend for specialist/quirky discontinued games to be really expensive, while the run-of-the-mill 'classics' end up on Ebay, Steam or GOG for practically nothing.

to obtain the CmdOps:HTTR version you'd still need to purchase the engine and expansion pack.

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