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Rigmoor -> Victory Points ? (2/28/2012 10:55:17 AM)

I've noticed that the victory points at game end (shown in the AAR) not agree with the points which I count myself. The summation of points in the Objectiv-List are much higher.
Is this a bug ?


Lieste -> RE: Victory Points ? (2/28/2012 11:26:45 AM)

The victory points for both sides range from 0-100, but either or both can have values for individual objectives that total any amount (depending on the ratio between the sum of the various objective values and the 'score for 100%' victory level set in the scenario).

This means that you can opt for limited success in all areas, focus on complete success in one area with a holding attack elsewhere or merely frustrate the enemy intentions as valid methods of securing 'at least a draw', but must combine the methods at appropriate times and using appropriate force commitments to achieve sufficient success while blocking enemy plans.

Within the scenario design the victory points are stored as integers, and the values are correspondingly high (10,000 for a moderate length scenario gives a reasonable granularity to the occupation points) - this is reduced to a % value by scaling by the points for 100% victory parameter (from memory, the actual naming might be slightly different). The resulting value(s) are then capped to a range 0-100%, and the difference between friendly and enemy totals gives the 'degree' of victory

Rigmoor -> RE: Victory Points ? (2/29/2012 7:17:30 AM)

OK, thanks for the reply, Lieste.

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