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CarnageINC -> Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/23/2012 7:56:19 PM)

Hello all, I've started a new pbem game with my old partner Red. I've decided to spend my limited spare time on this AAR instead of my WitE Baefiin one. I really don't see the point of hashing out something everyone else is doing also. I did notice that there are a lack of complete AAR's over here. So here are Red and I.

This is an open AAR for Red, I'll try to make it as informative as possible for everyone, but I always go to my entertainment side for AAR's. [:D] No house rules for this game.

Day One, London's 'The Times'


First off, I wanted to be more indepth but the first day's action got me so busy I didn't take any screenshots! So I'll just add a few comments.

Red started with a smallish scattering of recon planes, I let them be. The radio intercept was starting to climb rapidly so when it hit 600 I scrambled a mixed screen of Canes and Spits, about 6-7 squadrons in total. Alt. was set for 25k. I sent them patrolling a few miles in from the coast since I didn't think they could hit any quick raid against my radar.

Radio intercept climbed to about 1300! before I seen any sorties from Normandy. From there it was a blur of activity for me, dancing around trying to hit raids before they hit my airfields and such. Red's raid's were 90% low level, 1000ft. was the norm. He learned the hard lesson of how effective the balloons were. AA also chewed him up good. My planes only downed maybe 8 of his aircraft.

Next time I how to be better at the screenshots [;)]

cohimbra -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/23/2012 8:15:18 PM)

AAR subscribed[8D]
Pay attention to the airports along the coast, if the Luftwaffe come in
starfing mission you don't have time to react and you could lose a lot of
planes, if necessary move them inside the island...I know it, because
I lost my PBEM at day 7...try to do better!

CarnageINC -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/23/2012 10:09:01 PM)

Thanks for tuning in cohimbra, I hope you like the AAR over the long run [;)].

Day Two 'London Herald'


CarnageINC -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/23/2012 10:28:32 PM)

Day 2 Summary

I did it again [:-]! I got so caught up I didn't post any screen shots during the [:'(].

Here is a summery of what happened:

Red sent in a good size barage of recon aircraft, mostly scoping out my radar sites and airfields on the eastern side of the island. He followed up with 2 big raids, each over 150 bombers with heavy escort. There target was Kenley and Biggin Hill south of London. They were both at high altitude, 20k if I recall. The Kenley raid hit the airfield but was ineffective in shutting it down. The Biggin raid was a bust, cloud cover prevented his raid from hitting it. Instead the Luft. bombers hit West Malling airfield as a target of opportunity. Once again his raid was 20k and ineffective against the airfield. On the other hand, my interceptions were small in scale and very ineffective against his fighter cover. I don't believe many of my A/C got through to the bombers.

His next wave was 10-15 mins. behind the first 2. These were directed at the coastal airfields and radar sites. These were unescorted and effective against all targets. He did try 2 mid-channel strikes against Worth and Ventor radar sites with unescorted to lightly escorted Stukas! This is where most of my A2A kills came in for the day. IMO the distance is to far for Stuka's without some sort of diversionary raid to take off any heat that comes their way.

That sums up the day from what I can recall. Lessons learned for me are I need to send heavier fighter intercepts against big raids to get through to the bombers. I relocated some Spit squadrons south to help in that endeavor.

Here is a screenshot of the Action report to see where his focus was.


mikkey -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/24/2012 10:34:07 PM)

Thanks for your AAR Carnage, looking forward to next turns

CarnageINC -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/27/2012 3:10:23 PM)

I hope this AAR goes the distance mikkey, it a kinda a learning game for Red but we'll see [;)].

We played 2 turns the other day and once again I forgot to get some screen shots [:@]. I also forgot to look at the losses for day 3 so all I got is what I can remember off the top of my head, which isn't all that much for details. For the next turn I have all the details in data, but no screens [:-]

Day Three 'Times Carrier News'


CarnageINC -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/27/2012 3:12:56 PM)

I stand corrected, here is the only screen shot of day 3 [:'(]. It just shows his most recent activity which you can see will be concentrated on the airfields and radar in the near future.


Van Van -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (2/29/2012 12:50:01 PM)

Nice AAR,I like it.

CarnageINC -> RE: Carnage vs. Redmarkus - Eagle Day 'RAF Defends the Homeland!' (3/16/2012 8:45:00 PM)

Okay, the war does continue! Both Red and I have been hit by bad colds and heavy work loads at the right times so it has postponed this game for a quite of bit of time. Hopefully we can sort things out and get in a full game [;)].

It appears that Red is consolidating his efforts into large well protected raids, I'm having no lucking in reaching his bombers with my fighters set on 'BB'. I might change a few Cane squadrons to 'direct' and see if this changes my luck? The up note for his large formations is inability to wreak wide spread havoc and keep my squadrons dancing around. In the long run, if he keeps this tactic up, will help me I believe.


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