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RangerX3X -> Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 12:34:46 AM)

Revised scenario based on Joe's Bridge with modified victory conditions evened out for both sides.

Standard reinforcements schedule:

Allies - Adds one airborne parachute regiment
Axis - Adds one Panzer brigade

There is also favor us/favor them schedules for both sides that modifies the standard reinforcement schedules. The scenario can also be played evenly with no reinforcements, only using the forces on the map at the start.

Final release:

Download Scenario File


RangerX3X -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 12:37:06 AM)

Original post updated with revised mission file.

sweeteye -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 3:48:09 AM)

Downloaded the scenario file....will check it out....kind of curious...Thanks...kind of nice since I do not have Httr yet...

oops.. got an error ..need next version ... not sure if it is just the latest update...
guess it is just the update ...

sweeteye -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 4:09:19 AM)

Its running....Chose to play the Germans....Kind of glad cause I feel lazy right now and defending is easier....

sweeteye -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 5:07:19 AM)

Drawn game....Played a quick run through...mostly double time..Triple time at night....Can't really be as effective playing so quickly but you get a feel for what you might want to do next play.Thought I was done for with the strong allied flank attack but my reinforcements were able to balance things out with a counter attack.What can be done with computers never ceases to amaze me....Interesting to compare this game to the way an old board war game functions.....

RangerX3X -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 9:27:00 PM)

Thank for playing it. I am getting a lot of draws also, so I feel it is fairly well balanced. I am thinking on adding a favor us/them reinforcement schedule to complement the standard reinforcement schedule. Something like adding an extra para Bn each, etc.

sweeteye -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/22/2012 9:32:44 PM)

I like the scenario because it is fairly small and will not take long to finish even on normal speed..Hope you upload more of them....

RangerX3X -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/24/2012 3:17:51 AM)

Updated to version 2.

Still a work in progress but a playable mission.

wodin -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/24/2012 9:05:44 AM)

How did you play the scenario without having HTTR?

sweeteye -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/24/2012 2:02:48 PM)

Wodin...I am assuming your question is directed at me....I just downloaded,and installed the mission works fine...Thought being that it uses the St Vith map it would work...did not think the scenario has any need of HTTR.

RangerX3X -> RE: Crombach Gambit (2/26/2012 2:04:05 PM)

Final version released. Download link is in the first post (if you have downloaded any other file for this scenario, please delete it and use this final release version).

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