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DavidFaust -> FW 190F (2/21/2012 11:44:39 PM)

I have been getting some very ggreat results with FW 190F against bombers and ok results against allied fighters.

Just wanted to discuss how other players have found the performance of FW 190F?

npsergio -> RE: FW 190F (2/22/2012 7:42:29 AM)

when they go trough the fighter screen they're very good against the bombers. however they have a very short range...
be carefull against the fighters. Maybe in 1943 they're good in the fighter role, but in 1944 they fall down like flyes

Turner -> RE: FW 190F (2/22/2012 4:56:16 PM)

The 190 in general is much better fitted for combat than the Bf109 ever was, in almost every respect. The 190F is the only axis aircraft in the game with a armor rating of 2. This should be given to the 190A-8/R8 as well to make it justice for it had all the armor of the F and then some added around the pilot and cannon magazines for additional protection.

To all the people who admire the Bf109 and honor it as one of the greatest piston fighters ever, I just shake my head. It was one of the primary causes the air war was lost, the main one being the inept bureaucratic and political leadership.

The fact that this game actually simulate this in a good way (although not perfect) is also a reason for its greatness. The 109s drop like flies and their pilots are prone to getting shot up or burned alive.

Denniss -> RE: FW 190F (2/24/2012 1:52:58 AM)

The 190 was the best german fighter down low to mid alt. The Bf 109 mid to higher alt and even high alt with AS and D engines.
The air war was also lost because Germany failed to develop high-alt engines in 1943 and because the big fat man wanted the best pilots in his bombers (and the less capable ones in fighters protect hist best men in the bombers - dumb big fat man, too much cocaine).

I have always wondered why the 190F is even in the game as this was a dedicated ground attack variant and not really capable/suited for air intercept missions. The A-8/R8 was a heavily armored Sturmbock so this for sure has to have armor 2.

Turner -> RE: FW 190F (2/24/2012 5:14:23 AM)

What I meant was, from a aircraft design & construction point of view, the FW190 had much more potential than the 109. The 109 reached its full potential in '43 and should not have been developed beyond the G-6 imho. This is evident in the fact how allied escort fighters wiped them out. Aerodynamically the design is very dirty, structurally it is not well suited for combat.

What Kurt Tank always wanted for his FW190 series was a Daimler-Benz engine, this was ruled out because all DB fighter engine production was reserved for the 109 line and Messerschmitt! This political/bureaucratic game dominating the industry was ultimately what sealed the fate of the pilots who flew these hopelessly outdated aircraft. The fact of the matter is, that a DB installed in a 190 would have been worth twice as much to the pilots than the same engine in a 109. The 190D proved this with the Junkers Jumo 213A. Now imagine if the FW190 had been powered by a inline engine from start! The BMW801 powered 190A was a complete shock to the RAF in '41, with a inline engine it would have accelerated even faster and been able to maintain a higher speed overall. The 190 was and remains a excellent piston engine fighter design, the RLM just never realized.

In Air Combat Maneuvering, speed is one of the most important factors and some would argue it is more important than maneuverability (consider jets vs props). If you find yourself in the slower aircraft, you are unable to disengage from a bad situation because you simply can't get away from the enemy fighters. This is what the 109 pilots had to face. They went in and engaged a numerically superior force then had no way of escaping but had to rely on superior skills to survive (but for how long?). For those who did not have the skills and experience needed in such a environment well... their career was cut a bit short in most cases.

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