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kirk23 -> CONNFIRE AWOL ? (2/21/2012 8:08:46 PM)

Ok anyone heard from Connfire according to his data he has not logged on to the site since 13th January,I think he has been abducted by aliens maybees?

tex -> RE: CONNFIRE AWOL ? (2/21/2012 10:04:57 PM)

I donīt know whatīs become of him. I noticed there have been no AARīs for a while.

kirk23 -> RE: CONNFIRE AWOL ? (2/22/2012 4:30:39 AM)

Connfire is ok,he emailed me real life getting in the way thats all!

tex -> RE: CONNFIRE AWOL ? (2/22/2012 4:42:17 PM)

Well thatīs good to know. Real life can be QUITE annoying at times!

BillLottJr -> RE: CONNFIRE AWOL ? (2/23/2012 12:13:50 AM)



Well thatīs good to know. Real life can be QUITE annoying at times!

Stupid real life!

Connfire -> CONNFIRE (not) AWOL ! (4/17/2012 9:12:51 PM)

WOW! I never had an entire thread devoted to me before! [:)]

Where to guys, what's up? Sorry I've been away for so long. As Kirk said, I had some really major things I had to deal with in real life, including the sudden emergence of a very competitive promotional exam at work and some health issues in my immediate family. I basically "fell of the grid" for a few months - kept saying I wanted to come back to WPO but then something else would happen. There were entire 1-2 week periods where I didn't even check my e-mail. I was so physically and mentally fried I couldn't even think tactically, never mind strategically.

Anyway, I missed WPO and I'm glad to see the board is still going. I was originally going to read all the threads I missed before posting till I saw this "AWOL" thread [:D]

Yesterday I played my first WPO turn since January in the PBEM campaign, and hope to resume posting on that shortly. My exam was a week long ordeal in early April but now that's over, and the other issues seem to be stabilizing - starting to feel like a normal person again. Hopefully with a little more time I'll be able to post as regularly as I did before. Right now I'm going to catch up on all I missed! [8D]

Deathtreader -> RE: CONNFIRE (not) AWOL ! (4/19/2012 10:58:31 PM)

It will be good to have you back...........


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