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Bombur -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/25/2012 11:00:29 PM)

West turn

France: Luxembourg was taken again, as Holland collapses, French Divisions rush to defend Antwerp. French fighters orders to engage German fighters attempting ground support missions.
GB: The defeats in Holand were avenged to some extent by naval and air units that attacked the advancing German units. German losses were relatively high, and we believe the push to Antwerp will be delayed. In the Atlantic the hunt for enemy submarines isnīt going as well as in the first turns. We sank morre 13 enemy subs in all Fronts, but also lost two destroyers, one naval fighter and one torpedo bomber
USA: Nothing to report
China: The end is near, as the government in Chungking was ordered to evacuate the city. There nothing that could be done to stop the Japanese.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/26/2012 2:04:53 AM)

1939, Febuary.

Heavy losses to the 7th Army (also known as the 2nd Panzer Army) had to withdraw from their positions in Holland, and retreat across the Rhine. They had been badly mauled, as had their infantry friends from 2 other Armies. Most could make it across but a few lacked the mobility to do so...

So I decided to mount a rescue mission, of sorts, that turned into a grand offensive. First Brussels was shelled and bombed, to reduce itīs resistance to my upcoming attack. Then the 1st Panzer Army (i forgot which army it is exactly) along with elements from the 6th Army stormed the city. The defenders hadnīt expected it, and it was a great victory. With Brussels taken, i then had to decide what to do. I had two choices, I could go for the jagular, and hit Antwerp, isolating a strong unit of tanks, located north of Antwerp, or I could try and face off this armoured army that had dared to stand in the way of my other panzers. I chose the latter.

Again I shelled and bombed the French and British, and they took heavy losses. I then attacked from across the Rhine, and with the stragglers that had been left behind by the fleeing Panzer Army, along with troops from the 6th Army in Brussels. The attack went well, and the hapless British and French found there was nowhere to flee, as Bombur had almost maxxed out the number of units in Antwerp, so they could not flee, or they would overstack. The result was devastating!

Then, to continue what has now become a tradition, German troops took Luxembourg, again. The city has long since been reduced to rubble, and the ruins serve as a grim reminder that here there has died many a young Frenchman and German.

The german submarines are playing tag with french and british destroyers in the atlantic. Mostly the submarines seem to be winning. Here is a map of the european battlefield as it looked at the end of the German turn...


ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/26/2012 2:11:53 AM)

... continued...

German airmen also took a chance and attacked the air units located in Antwerp. Many of these were Belgian fighters that had no HQs any more. The losses were huge, on both sides. A total of 11 fighters were lost, as the Anti-Aircraft guns also took their toll.

The German Night Bomber wing has also been working hard. They have been bombing Lille ever since the war broke out. However, they inflict less damage than is repaired automatically each turn. Still since production is calculated before city regeneration, it has taken a little toll on the French, each turn. Hopefully their fuel situation cannot handle it prolonged.

Italy had another quiet turn. Mostly filled with Naval movements, and little else. A small bug in the game prevents Italy from producing Fighter IIs until 1940 (it has been corrected in the version we are working on), which Bombur thought would be very bad for the Italians... Luckily I have a plan. I wonīt reveal it yet, but I think it just might work.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/26/2012 2:22:25 AM)

1939 Febuary,

China has lost the 2nd Sino-Japanese war. There is no doubting that. With the fall of the capitol in Chungking, and the conquest of itīs many coal mines, Japan has robbed the Chinese of any meaningful way to supply their army. Also their last source of fuel is now gone. Perhaps they can make some synthetic fuel in their cities, but, it is doubtful it will help them in the long run.

So, having pushed all the way from Shanghai to Chungking, and from Peking to Sian, and now almost to the gates of Yenan, the Japanese army feels pride. Pride in itīs men, equipement, strategy and tactics. Surely the western powers must now realize that Japan is an equal to them, if not even more than that.

With the victory being so sure, and clear, the Japanese high command has sent a suggestion to the Chinese warlords that rule what is left of China: Surrender.

Here is how the map of China looked at the end of the Japanese turn.


ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/26/2012 2:25:56 AM)

1939, Febuary.

Russia: Apart from Russians in Murmansk celebrating the homecoming of a succesful submarine squadron, nothing is happening in Russia. Outside of Russia, in the dutch east indies, submarines are playing around with the British surface fleet. Sinking ships by the dozens, and intercepting valuable supplies. The same is to be said of the Soviet submarines that are intercepting the Swedish Iron ore, that is transported by sea. All in all, a peaceful yet meaningful turn.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/26/2012 10:27:00 PM)

March 1939.

Germany: Despite reports of a major setback in Belgium (of course reported by the liars of the British press) the German army continues itīs advance. Luxembourg once again changed hands, German troops regained the lost territory in Belgium, and now stand before the gates of Antwerp, and the Ardennes were penetrated, by German armored units... that now stand before the gates of Lille. The chemical factories of Lille where once again bombed at Night... with the same predictable results. Their was a major air battle over Antwerp, where German fighters were victorious, shooting down more than 6 enemy (SFT) fighters, for the loss of only 2 (SFT). ... that ratio is quite acceptable.

In Persia a joint German, Soviet operation is botched, when Persian Cavalrymen forget to warn Soviet Tankers, about an ambush laid by the British. The submarines in the Atlantic continue to report of great victories, sinking merchantman after merchantman.

Italy: Nothing really to report... other than the Regia Marina meeting in Naples, to discuss naval strategies, should this be neccessary. There has been alot of posturing made by the British in the Mediterranian Sea. Their victories in the Black Sea may have gone to their heads. The Iberian Fleet has moved out of the Mediterranian, to visit Portugal.

Japan: The 3rd Army reports that it has destroyed the Army HQs of a Chinese Army in the area near Yenan. There has been contacts between the Japanese empire and the Chinese warlords, to discus a surrender of China. These talks have out of respect for the Americans been called peace talks, but the agenda is clear, China must surrender.

Soviet Union: There has been reports of naval battles in the waters near Indochina. Several Soviet Submarines seem to have been lost. Other than that, there are no reports coming out of the secretive country.

Bombur -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/27/2012 1:15:01 AM)

March 1939:
France: The last month brought us a lot of bad news. An attempt to retake Luxembourg was repulsed with massive losses. The road is now opened to an offensive against the Maginot wall. Antwerp is surrounded from three sides, and while the Germans are taking heavy losses from air and naval bombardment, they still have formidable forces to assualt the city. To make things even worse, the sea route from Indochina to France is essentially closed due to enemy U-Boats. Sucess against the submarine threat had been modest in the last months.
Great Britain: Aginst our air forces and artillery inflicted heavy losses to enemy ground forces, but the Luftwaffe seems to have introduced a new version of their Bf-109 (Fighter IV). Meanwhile, the development of our new Spitifire has been plagued by technical issues. Our Hurricanes are starting to suffer losses in their missions (the French level II fighters did somewhat better this turn). On the other hand we started mass production of long range ASW planes and we hope to stop the enemy pirates from disrupting our sea trade.
USA: President Roosevelt is lobbying the Congress in order to intevene in the war. Events in Eurasia are worrisome, as all the continent could fall in hands of hostile nations. A harsh diplomatic exchange with Japan ended with the American President threatening to burn Japanese cities and starve their people. An empty threat, at least for now, however, the Americans are deeply impressed with the efficiency of German and Soviet submarines and had just developed a long range submarine whose performance is similar to the new U Boat-VIIīs (Submarine III)
China: The Chinese vow to continue their fight against the enemy invader

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/27/2012 2:34:46 AM)

April 1939,

Hitler is not pleased. A perfectly planned offensive to breakthrough the French defences at Lille failed. Whose fault was it? The airmen say they did their bombing perfectly. The Artillery divisions claim they did their aiming correctly and accounted for much damage. The Panzerleaders and their infantry companions claim they fought valiantly. So whose to blaim? Hitler is furious! They are all to blame!

For the first time since the war has begun, there is no movement on the frontlines. The German initiative may be lost, maybe for good...

The Duce, has no plans on joining this war if Germany cannot even set foot on the french mainland. Speaking of the Duce, he has been seen at numerous airshows recently. Here the Italians are bragging with their new heavy fighter Is. Wether or not they are effective in combat is yet to be seen.

The Japanese were shocked that the Americans sent them a threat to burn down their cities, and blockade their ports. The the emporers generals reminded the Emporer that empty barrels sounds the most. They had a good laugh about the American threats. Our agents in America say that their congress and senate is so split on the subject of intervension abroad, that there is no need to worry.

Meanwhile the Japanese offensive towards Yenan continues. Apparantly leaderless troops are now being thrown at the Japanese warmachine in an effort to stop it. Needless to say, this does not work. Japanese troops now stand before the gates of Yenan.

In Soviet Russia, things are quiet. But soon, what the Soviets have been up to, will be revealed...

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/28/2012 1:33:51 PM)

1939, May,

The German warmachine is once again on the move. This time taking Antwerp. First a bombardment from most of the Reichwehrs artillery was done. The counter battery fire was not very nice, and two artillery formations were lost to the retaliation. Then the Luftwaffe followed up with a merciless attack, utilizing most of Germanies bombers. After this softening up, panzer and infantry formations attacked, and took the city. Predictably, not much was left of it. Still this is a major victory!

Speaking of major victories. The Kriegsmarine had one of itīs finer moments this month. First a group of Submarines attacked the British Channel Fleet, that was located in the english channel (between London and Amsterdam). Several ships were sunk, including 2 cruisers. The Luftwaffe decided to follow up on this attack, and with adequate fighter cover, the stukas of the Luftwaffe were able to sink most of the fleet. The German surface fleet then moved out to sea, and sunk the remaining battleship and destroyers. The Channel Fleet is no more.

Here is map of how Europe looked after this turn.


ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/28/2012 1:40:41 PM)

1939, May,

No news from Italy this turn.

The Japanese continue to grind their way towards Yenan. Once captured this would mean that the chinese forces in the north of China would be cut off from the forces in the Southern mountains of China. This is the Japanese goal, for now....

In the middle-east a startling new series of events have unfolded. A very mobile Army of the Soviet Peoples Paradise, has begun an offensive towards Kuwait and Iraq. A battle has already taken place, and the forces from Britain are retreating... Also there was a major Airbattle over the oil wells in Mosul. Here long range soviet heavy bombers heavily damaged the production facilities. The Soviet long range fighters (heavy fighters I and II) were able to prevent the shooting down of any bombers, but it was at a high cost to themselves. It had recently been reported that the planes guarding this area were of the old Gladiator type (Fighter Is) but it turned out they had rebased, and instead a group of Turkish Hurricanes (Fighter IIIs) had taken up base there. Still the heavy fighters managed to shoot down a few hurricanes. (1 SFT).

Bombur -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/29/2012 2:09:36 AM)

After taking a beating from the totalitarian powers and also after finding a few game breaking bugs, the western powers agree on surrender and will cooperate with the Axis in the difficult task to find new bugs....

LazyBoy -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/29/2012 2:22:27 AM)

Pity, I was enjoying this.
Thanks, too both of you for a fun AAR

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/29/2012 2:53:07 AM)


It was a pitty cause i was enjoying myself too, and so was Bombur. ... But i found a few gamebreaking bugs, that would not allow for the British to have a fighting chance. Among other things, and I am in no way going to fault anyone for the errors i found, Destroyer IIIs were unproducable. Making subwarfare superior in the long run...

I am sure that Bombur and I will do a rematch, and possibly another AAR, so stay tuned.

We are even considering letting someone else play along :)

Kraftwerk -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/29/2012 5:03:28 AM)

Id love to join the next game! Id be willing to take several powers, if theres a need for that. Id love to try my hand at Italy, they appear to be able to do some neat things. The Cr fighters are hilarious would love to employ those.

jjdenver -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/29/2012 3:25:29 PM)

I agree with the other comments. I haven't played an AT game in awhile but any large WW2 scenario AAR is interesting so I'm keen to see another....thanks

british exil -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (2/29/2012 7:18:53 PM)

Shame that the AAR finished. I liked the way both you both were using the same thread to post your turns. Was nice to see the propaganda side of the game. Germany saying victorious in taking France, the allies saying the Germans were repulsed.

Hope the bugs will be sorted out so that we will get a rerun of the scenario.

Thx once again.


Bombur -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (3/1/2012 1:31:30 AM)

Thank you for the interest you showed in the scenario. We hope to improve it so a playable version could be realeased in 2 weeks.

Jeffrey H. -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (3/7/2012 8:30:02 PM)

The Russians duel it out in the skies and take some victories finally.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (3/7/2012 8:32:18 PM)

Think you are posting in the wrong thread :)

But anyway, nice to know that that particular game is still ongoing :)

Jeffrey H. -> RE: Alternate WWII...a GD 1938 game (3/7/2012 8:33:17 PM)

Haha, right you are....

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