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wadortch -> Air Recon--primer been done? (2/13/2012 6:19:35 PM)

I apologize if a thread on this already exists somewhere.

My questions relate to Air Recon.

Do most folks use the AI to do this?

How many time can one manually click on a hex for air recon and do multiple clicks increase the chance more information will be revealed or not?

I have read in some AAR's that players recommend "hundreds" of manual clicks on sundry hexes. Is that really what is needed to maximize the potential of Air recon or is it overkill?

Last, does air recon work throughout a turn--that is are potential results altered by when an air recon mission is ordered?

Thanks for any info you care to provide that will simplify what I think (perhaps wrongly) is a huge addition of time to the game.

Fänrik Stål -> RE: Air Recon--primer been done? (2/13/2012 8:40:15 PM)

I generally use the AI. Occasionally, when I'm planning something big, I'll do it manually.
You can keep clicking until there are no more planes available to fly the missions AFAIK. And, yes, getting the planes to fly over the same area more times will generally increase the chance of detection in my experience.

demyansk -> RE: Air Recon--primer been done? (2/14/2012 11:00:30 AM)

I play this game and dont even look at the Luftwaffe or Soviet airforce maybe that's why I have lost Leningrad and Moscow, i am a newb

AFV -> RE: Air Recon--primer been done? (2/14/2012 11:32:54 AM)

I don't use the AI for this. I just click click click as rapidly as the game will accept and do my recon in a minute or so.
Usually I go back to problem areas for a better look, or on a particular unit or stack to get a better look.

smokindave34 -> RE: Air Recon--primer been done? (2/14/2012 3:34:32 PM)

I typically do recon manually and try and focus what recon I have on critical sectors of the front. As Soviet it's imperative to use recon to identify the location of all the axis armored/motorized units. During mud turns I normally let the AI have at it since not much is happening anyway.

Flaviusx -> RE: Air Recon--primer been done? (2/14/2012 5:36:26 PM)

I always fly manual. The AI doesn't have a clue. It also flies too many missions from my standpoint; I actually don't need to fly a lot of missions in 1941 to keep track of the panzers.

Some players (hi James) like to fly a bazillion missions but I don't feel this is terribly productive beyond a certain point. It also runs down your recon forces.

wadortch -> RE: Air Recon--primer been done? (2/14/2012 6:18:46 PM)

Thanks to all for your replies!
So, repeated clicks on the same hex can potentially reveal more information than the first click?
And, do you manual or AI practitioners repeat the process throughout a turn or just at its beginning?

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