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jbdenney -> Minor support issues (2/13/2012 4:24:23 PM)

I am having a difficulty understanding something in the Diplomacy screen. I am not sure how to work the "Minor to support" box. I cannot figure out how it is supposed to be used.

Example - Algeria is checked in the top portion and Great Britain is checked in the bottom. I cannot get Algeria to unchecked. If I try to check Ansbach the check goes away and the Britain box unchecked. leaving only Algeria checked. If I re-check Britain (or any of the other Major powers then both Algeria and Ansbach are checked. I cannot get either of the Minors to unchecked.

It is obvious I have no idea how to use this box or what it is supposed to do and I cannot find anything about it in the Manual.

This difficulty seems to extend to the "Allies to call", Answer call from" and "Withdraw DOW" boxes.I just dont seem to understand how selections are supposed to be made and adjusted.

Please Help. (BTW - using the newest patch from this month.)

pzgndr -> RE: Minor support issues (2/21/2012 1:46:00 PM)

I think the trick with the Diplomatic Reactions screen is to click the bottom first, not the top. Highlight and check off the MP if aggressor at the bottom, and THEN check/uncheck the minors. Sometimes it takes a couple of clicks but seems to work ok?

What this is doing is setting your go-to-war posture versus other MPs. Are you willing to DOW another MP over their DOW against a selected minor, then support that minor. Are you willing to DOW another MP over your DOW against a selected minor, and if not then ensure you check the withdraw DOW. It's easy to forget doing this and then finding yourself at war without really intending it.

I agree the manual does not discuss this in sufficient detail so I'll put it on my to-do list to add some clarifying information in the next update. I did add quite a bit of new information to the diplomacy rules in the latest v1.08 user manual update regarding peace options and surrenders. Hopefully players (especially new players) are finding this helpful. Feedback like this about something (anything!) confusing that can and should be clarified in the user manual is good. Thanks!

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