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Cannon Cocker -> British Colonies (2/11/2012 4:53:35 PM)

What is with the Brit Colonies? They have production which I can not seem to move to England. They can purchase units but the costs are exorbitant! I don't get it. I guess I can just turn them over to the AI to manage but I'd like to know if I can manage them as the allies?

doomtrader -> RE: British Colonies (2/11/2012 5:37:33 PM)

The main purpose of this country is to be PP deliverer for UK.

This makes the war for the Atlantic very important.

gwgardner -> RE: British Colonies (2/12/2012 4:29:05 AM)

If you want to manage the Colonies yourself, just set up some convoys to UK ports, to ship PPs. That's basically all the colonies are for.

Cannon Cocker -> RE: British Colonies (2/12/2012 3:55:37 PM)

OK. Who sets up the convoys, UK or the Brit Colonies? I think I tried to set up convoys as Brit Colonies. However, once established, I could then do nothing else. I couldn't add production points to the convoy. Maybe I did something wrong.

doomtrader -> RE: British Colonies (2/12/2012 4:18:21 PM)

After you set up a convoy choose it and add PP.

Hairog -> RE: British Colonies (2/13/2012 5:55:55 AM)

This is very important to your well being as the British. The German's will produce Uboats and your supply of Production Points will disappear. You will not be able to buy new units, reinforce units and improve your units through Research. You will lose the game if you ignore these convoys. You must not only create them but you must get your CVs and CAs out there protecting them from the submarines of the Italians and Germans.

Look in your reports menu and see where the Germans are ambushing your convoys and get carriers and cruisers there fast.

Churchill is quoted as saying that The Battle of the Atlantic was "the only thing that ever frightened me." and thank goodness the developers put this vital aspect into the game. As far as I know this is the only game of it's kind that incorporates both the critical nature of the Battle of the Atlantic and the consequences of air superiority and strategic bombing.

Learn about them and enjoy exploring the same choices that the real leaders of WWII had to make.

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