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OnTheContrary -> Newcomer looking for an opponent (2/10/2012 8:11:26 PM)

I am looking for an opponent for a regular 1 turn/1-2 days match-up. I am new to the game, so I will appreciate an opponent who won't mind the occasional glaring operation mistake on my part.

Keunert -> RE: Newcomer looking for an opponent (2/22/2012 3:41:07 PM)

if you still want to play send me a pm. i am neither good nor completely bad at this. have not played for a year and ready to share what i believe to know.
ps: i never won against Barthheart neither.

kolinsky -> RE: Newcomer looking for an opponent (3/12/2012 10:26:39 PM)


Not sure whether you have taken up a challenge with Kuenert. If not get in touch. I'm happy to play you and give you advice on playing the game.


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