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dominickpa -> Jeep? (2/8/2012 6:48:40 PM)

I could not find the jeep in the beta 2.10b or the update, also showing as 2.10b. I reinstalled the original ATG before updating twice , but no jeep in the research or the production vehicles or transport categories.

budd -> RE: Jeep? (2/8/2012 6:50:19 PM)

what he said ^

budd -> RE: Jeep? (2/8/2012 7:35:16 PM)

I unistalled atg...... re-installed atg. downloaded patch from alternate site. installed patch and still no jeep to be seen. Not in the production or research screens.

budd -> RE: Jeep? (2/8/2012 8:14:23 PM)

I looked in the file system, in the graphics folder under the sft folders and i don't see any graphics or icon for any jeep. I've unistalled and reinstalled and applied patch a few times still no jeep.

budd -> RE: Jeep? (2/8/2012 10:10:40 PM)

i was using the scenario graphics mod and the jeep doesn't show up with that mod. Using the generic at2 file or the resource/leader mod the jeep shows up. i thought the scenario mod was just map graphics, any reason the jeep wouldn't show up for that mod?

Webizen -> RE: Jeep? (2/8/2012 11:53:06 PM)

If you are looking for the Jeep in a saved game started with a previous version prior to v2.10, you will not see it. Only when you start a new game using v2.10b will it be available to you.


dominickpa -> RE: Jeep? (2/9/2012 1:39:47 AM)

That's the ticket - was looking for it in an established game, but do see it in a new game.

Thankx commander Webizen.

budd -> RE: Jeep? (2/9/2012 2:31:09 AM)

i reinstalled and didnt see it using the ormand map mod. for some reason it doesnt show using that mod. Is there any difference selecting a mod at start up as opposed to changing the master file at game set up screen or is it basically the same thing? Anyone else using the scenario design mod and having the jeep not show up? Shows fine with the generic atg2 or leaders mod.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Jeep? (2/9/2012 8:09:52 AM)

If you are using a mod, like ormand maps, you will not see it. Because the mod was created before the patch.

Ormand -> RE: Jeep? (2/11/2012 6:21:47 AM)

Yes, I made the graphics under 2.09. And, after 2.10 I should have posted an update, or instructions. I didn't upload a new version partly because the thing is so big, and all that really needed was an update to the master file. What should work just fine is to open the generic.at2 master file (from the open scenario menu) and then click on "Setng" button, and then add the Scenario Design master file of your choice (say SenarioDesignNatoRivers) to generic.at2. Do this by clicking on the button next to "NO MASTERFILE". This will prompt you for a masterfile; choose which one you want. After choosing, click "yes" to load, and then click "no" to attach it. Then, go back to edit mode and save this file (any name you want, even the original). You can then use this masterfile for random games or other games, and it will have the jeep unit. This procedure works because at that time, I didn't add any new units in the original. If I had, this wouldn't work, as any unit I created in the jeep "slot" would over write the jeep unit.

Sorry to not have posted some instructions on this earlier when 2.10 came out (or in the past day - I was on travel for a budget briefing at DOE/SC/NP).

As a p.s., I am working on an entirely new graphics set based on topographic relief maps that will be much smaller. It will probably take another month to finish it (I have the topo mountains finished, and I am working on the coasts now.) Also, I am inclined to add two new units and modify an existing unit. The existing unit is cruisers, which I would change to Heavy Cruiser, which is a cheaper capital ship. And I would add Light Cruisers, which are more for anti-aircraft. The second unit I would add, is the light (or pocket) carrier. These would help historic scenarios and be more realistic for Pacific scenarios.

budd -> RE: Jeep? (2/11/2012 9:51:56 AM)

thx ormand,

Worked like a charm. looking forward to see what you put out next. Not to be greedy or anything, got any new non nato counters in your plans to go with new map graphics[:D]
thx again.

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