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zoot -> merging units (2/8/2012 3:09:47 PM)

How do you do it? I read the instructions, but I am doing something wrong as I can not get units to merge. Can some one explaine the process to me?

Baelfiin -> RE: merging units (2/8/2012 3:58:41 PM)

Zoot: can you post a screenshot of units you are attempting to merge? That would help in trying to identify where you are going astray 8)

Denniss -> RE: merging units (2/8/2012 5:22:33 PM)

To merge two sub-strength units of similar type use the "Merge" option in the unit menu.
If you want to merge either separated subunits into the former parent unit or, on the soviet side, three brigades/divs into divs/corps please select/highligh the three units and either press b or use the button "Build-up/breakdown units" available in the "Map Information" menu.

terje439 -> RE: merging units (2/8/2012 5:43:35 PM)

Also, the units must have remaining MP the turn you try to merge them.


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