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nate25 -> AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 8:44:25 PM)


Here is a rough AAR of the scenario "The Race for Bastogne". Reinforcements historical, orders delay realistic, supply normal. I'll be standing in for von Luttwitz (and a poor substitution it'll be).

You folks are brought in at 0357 on the 2nd day.

My goals for the first day: Get to the Clerf River and take the crossings at Clervaux and Drauffelt, and get the two bridges at Ubereisenbach and Dasburg built.

My plan:
1.) 77. Inf. Regt. seize Hosingen.
2.) 39. Fus. Regt. seize Consthum.
3.) II. Abt. 304. Pz.Gr. Regt. initially seize Bombatsch astride the "Skyline Boulevard", and then when I deemed the time was right continue on to Clervaux and seize the crossing there.
4.) 1. and 3. Komp.(s). 38. Pz. Pion. Abt. seize Urspelt.
5.) 78. Inf. Regt. seize the Drauffelt bridge as the regiment became available. Initially just I. Abt. is available. I had them start out as soon as they arrived and re-attached them to regt. as soon as it arrived.

All movements were set to fastest, quickest, max aggression, and no rest EXCEPT for the elements of 38. Pz. Pion. Abt. going to Urspelt. Fastest, quickest, MIN. aggression and no rest.

Confused? Good.

I figured cutting "Skyline Boulevard" in two places at least for a while would impede Ami reinforcements, and I think it did to an extent.

The much later jump-off time for the 78. Inf. Regt. going to Drauffelt also worked out well, because I think most Ami reserves were committed elsewhere by this time.

In the past I've tried individual battalions for objectives and had only limited success. The regiment is the way to go as far as I'm concerned now. Wherever possible.

I hit all my goals for the first day except the bridges are still not finished as of this writing.
Casualties were fairly light and I was able to destroy a fair number of units with massed arty and infantry assaults.

Here is a list of enemy units destroyed on the first day:
Unknown Bn. HQ. Destroyed at Fennburg.
Co. K, 110th Inf. Regt. Surrendered at Hosingen.
Unknown eng. co. Destroyed 1 km. due west of Hosingen.
2nd Plt., A Co., 707th Tank Bn. Destroyed on the Wahlhausener Strasse.
2nd Plt., B Co., 630th TD Bn. Destroyed on the Wahlhausener Strasse.
Unknown anti-tank gun plt. Destroyed at Bombatsch.
3rd Plt., B Co., 630th TD Bn. Destroyed in Marnach.
Co. B, 110th Inf. Regt. Destroyed in the tree line just south of Marnach.
Co. L, 110th Inf. Regt. Surrendered in Holtzum.

I'd send a pic but I'm not sure how to do that. If some soul is interested, send me some instructions on that.

I hate to admit it, but day two is up in the air right now. Don't know when the bridges will finish. I've staged the elements of my two Pz. divs. as close as possible to their respective bridges.


nate25 -> RE: AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 9:09:25 PM)


0700 - Day 2.

My bridging companies are just now coming off their rest periods. . .[>:]

Bridges b/t 75%-80% done. . .[:@]

Gotta lotta infantry out there across the river with no armor support. . .[X(]


nate25 -> RE: AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 9:23:06 PM)


While I'm waiting for my engineers to finish their morning coffee and black bread, I've come up with a rough outline for Day 2.

1.) Cross the Panzer Lehr at Ubereisenbach. KG Fallois in the van, KGs 901 and 902 to follow. Beat feet for the Bastogne area.

2.) Spread KG Kunkel out along likely crossing points up and down the Clerf.

3.) Cross 2. Pz. Div. at Dasburg. Recce in the van, KGs Cochenhausen, v. Bohm, and Holtmeyer right behind. Head for the exit points.

IF they ever get them built. . .


nate25 -> RE: AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 9:43:13 PM)


0944 - Day 2.

Bridge at Dasburg finally built. 2. Pz. Div. moving out towards the Clerf. I messed up on the bridge-building. I figured out I could have coupled both the engineer units on the same bridge. ANYHOO. . .

I feel inadequate without a more solid plan for the day, but I also feel the situation could become a lot more fluid, fast.

A lot of small one-company counter-attacks around the taken objectives. Nothing big yet.


wodin -> RE: AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 10:15:19 PM)

nate you should have set rest to none for the bridging task get them working through the night. Also you lassoo the bridge capable and the non bridge engineer units to do the bridge and it gets done in half the time.

Personally I'd restart mate, your going to be well behind schedule and will face stiff Resistance before you should. My bridges where def finished on day way early evening I think.

The only using one engineer unit was a mistake many made at one point, it really does make things alot tougher...

nate25 -> RE: AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 10:46:37 PM)


Really? Damn. If I start over it'll be the fifth time I've started this one.[8|]

At least I know my Day One objectives well.

I did have my bridging guys on no rest. And I would swear that only one unit per bridge was bridge-capable. Now it shows both engineering units at Dasburg bridge-capable. Does this change at night?

Oh well, practice makes perfect. Thank God it's not real.


simovitch -> RE: AAR: The Race for Bastogne (2/6/2012 11:31:53 PM)

only one unit needs the bridge. Group it together with other Engineer units whether they have a bridge or not. Lassoing or Ctrl click works to select multiple Engineers to give the construct order to. (even the AI knows this trick...)[;)]

Remember - only one of the units needs to have the bridge.

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