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nicodede62 -> New formation ??? (2/4/2012 3:18:51 PM)

Hello, a small question,

Is it be possible to change automatically the name of the pions at start a random part, without forcing the player to pass by the editor ( regime > unit name ) before starting a game ?

I looked in the editor but I have found that an event for renaming a unit.

ernieschwitz -> RE: New formation ??? (2/5/2012 11:39:42 AM)

If you mean the name given to a formation when it is created, then yes. It is done in the regime screen.

nicodede62 -> RE: New formation ??? (2/5/2012 2:18:03 PM)

Yes, I knew it.
It's not really what I wanted to know.

if I create a pion, it will automatically be named "division".
if I change the name in the editor before a new game, I could rename the pion at my convenience.

But, I wonder if this can be done without the player is obliged of back in the editor for do this operation each time.
Through an event ? or it is not possible to make it ?

Edit:I forgot to say, this is for a random game, and no for a scenario.

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