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dana rudko -> All my Soviet SU's dissappeared!! (2/3/2012 10:08:54 PM)

Its Sept 1942, Im in a 2 player PBEM gameas the Soviets, I just finished losing 8 armies in a huge Kharkov 42 style counter-offensive gone bad...I lost nearly 1 million men captured and killed as well as tens of thousands of trucks supplies etc . Well everything was fine but then I looked into my all Army HQ's even the ones that had not been surrounded and all my artillery and support except for a few sapper bns and regts were gone. I looked through the whole fronts and found that they suddenly had transported themselves to either a front HQ or in two cases they were collected into two differnet army hqs which were filled with multiple artillery corps,motorcyle regts, sep tank bns, you name it!!! I tried moving them but they seem to be stuck in those hq's?

Joel Billings -> RE: All my Soviet SU's dissappeared!! (2/3/2012 11:35:28 PM)

Please post a save, or email one to Thanks.

dana rudko -> RE: All my Soviet SU's dissappeared!! (2/4/2012 5:00:19 AM)

OK the situation looks like maybe all the support units that had been trapped in the pocket were distibuted into the closest Hq's that were not in the pocket? I refer you to the hq's in Crimea as they are loaded with SU's that were never there before it seems in this turn some redistribution has occured but you can still see the definite problem that occurred.

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Joel Billings -> RE: All my Soviet SU's dissappeared!! (2/4/2012 9:55:59 PM)

Do you have a save from the turn before? What version was your opponent running during their last turn? It does look odd.

dana rudko -> RE: All my Soviet SU's dissappeared!! (2/7/2012 4:47:39 AM)

unfortunately we just saved back and forth so we dont keep previous turns. I guess it will remain a mystery. We both had 1.05 running

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