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vonpaul -> air attrition in winter 39 (1/31/2012 11:35:54 AM)

I'm struggling to understand why as Germany in my PBEM game I am losing so many points off my fighters in the west in the winter of 39. Every turn i'm losing about 10 points out of my fighters. The logs are useless as there is nothing about air combat in them. And because its PBEM i don't even get to see the enemy moves. I don't know if its because they are too close to the front or if its a bug.

This is chewing up all my production points that should be going into new units /research etc. :(

vonpaul -> RE: air attrition in winter 39 (1/31/2012 11:43:56 AM)

nevermind, noticed that lack of interception in the logs is a known issue and is in scope for the next patch.

doomtrader -> RE: air attrition in winter 39 (1/31/2012 12:53:43 PM)

You were faster than me.

I was going to reply about that.
You can c heck how it works in the current beta patch 1.01

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