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Hargrem -> Stop Panzerfaust 30 firing at infantry (1/28/2012 12:55:31 PM)

I'm currently playing TLD and have noticed that the Germans have a habit of firing their panzerfausts at infantry targets in a firefight, which means they don't have them to use against armour (a neat trick to get them to waste this valuable weapon???).

I have checked the settings in the Weapons.txt table:
- under Primary Target, the setting is 1 = Vehicle
- under Valid Targets, the setting is 2 = Vehicles

So, I don't understand why they do this...

Is there a way of stopping them?

Also, does anyone have any general info on how they were actually allocated to troops & in what numbers, etc? I have always understood that, particularly on the Eastern front, they were handed out like confetti, especially later in the war when German armour was greatly reduced, but the allocations seem pretty stingy in TLD...



tigercub -> RE: Stop Panzerfaust 30 firing at infantry (1/28/2012 3:48:37 PM)

change it your self...during the later war german inf did this so...thats why its this way....its not hard to change.

Steve McClaire -> RE: Stop Panzerfaust 30 firing at infantry (1/28/2012 6:39:19 PM)

There is a mechanism to keep infantry from firing AT weapons at enemy infantry to a fairly narrow range of circumstances. Typically the firing side won't decide to do this unless they think have an advantage in armor already (i.e. they're less likely to need them vs. enemy armor) and the target infantry is in heavy cover (like a stone building).

The target type settings effect how a given weapon / ammo is rated in terms of utility versus a given target. So setting the vehicle target type for panzerfausts makes it less likely for them to be used against non-vehicle targets.

You could also eliminate the blast size, blast radius, and blast ratings. With these gone the effectiveness vs. troops would be minimal and it would be even less likely a soldier would decide to fire it at enemy infantry.

Hargrem -> RE: Stop Panzerfaust 30 firing at infantry (1/29/2012 4:01:27 PM)

Thanks Steve.
I'll try those settings and post some feedback in due course.

heckler -> RE: Stop Panzerfaust 30 firing at infantry (1/30/2012 7:04:49 PM)

I'm currently the Allied player in a H2H campaign...I love the 'oh, its ON now' feeling when a german squad pops off the pf! No sense holding on to it when the 82nd is coming over the hedgerow...

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