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eggmansdaddy -> Graphic s issue/window scaling (1/27/2012 5:31:38 AM)

I am trying to run this game on a laptop with Win 7 64-Bit OS (Home premium) and an NVidia 420M graphics card. The issue is that when I hit the "Play" button, the game screen opens to a 4:3 screen ratio, not the wide screen format I need. No matter how I re-size the window, I can never see the bottom of the game screen window. I've tired also using the Intel HD integrated graphics as well, but have the same problem. Tried lowering screen resolution as well, to no avail. Any insight on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated...I should add I updated the game through the "Check for updates" menu tool prior to trying to start a game...

I can run every other Matrix game I own and don't have this problem.



Helpless -> RE: Graphic s issue/window scaling (1/27/2012 9:08:52 PM)

It sounds as you need to hide task bar -

eggmansdaddy -> RE: Graphic s issue/window scaling (1/28/2012 12:51:35 PM)

Thanks, I'll try that...and disable Win 7 Aero. The more I looked at the screen, the more it looked like Win 7 Aero was activated when I invoke the game screen. Also, I could move the game window down by grabbing the taskbar and moving the window down on the screen, and then re-size the game window from the top, to make it smaller, but when I "pulled the top of the game window to the top of the screen, the bottom was not above the taskbar EVER. Additionally, when the game was invoked, the task bar was "transparent, but you can not access anything under it. Also maximizing, minimizing, then maximizing does not work either.
So I will disable Win 7 aero and see what happens.

eggmansdaddy -> RE: Graphic s issue/window scaling (1/29/2012 12:49:09 PM)

Thanks for your help, I fooled with taskbar placement and resolution and got the display corrected. Thanks for your help.

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