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nate25 -> 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/27/2012 12:48:57 AM)


Couple of things:

1.) Static flak/inf units at bridges are too tough. Playing the big scenario (the one that combines Arnhem with Nigmegen), almost all garrison type units lasted way too long with paras literally right on top of them. Not realistic.

2.) I bring this up again reluctantly. Bridges stay primed too long after capture. I mean hours and hours.

3.) Units that traditionally defended Arnhem or Nigmegen. It seemed as if everything rushed to Nijmegen and left very little at the Rail Bridge at Arnhem and Arnhem proper. This made it very easy for British 1st Para Div. to invest Arnhem. Is there a way to sort of "anchor", for lack of a better term, the units that defended both towns so you can't just walk into Arnhem?



Major SNAFU_M -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/27/2012 4:15:12 PM)

I am curious as to how long you think it should take to un-prime a bridge.  Obviously it will take longer for a larger structure.

I envision that un-primed doesn't just mean cutting the wires, but also includes the physical removal of the demolition charges themselves, while of course checking for booby-traps, etc.

I don't think being hasty would be healthy under the circumstances.

my 2 cents

nate25 -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/27/2012 6:03:25 PM)

Major SNAFU,

For the purposes of this simulation, I believe 4 hrs. would be sufficient. While all the charges may not be removed or unwired, it would eliminate the possibility of some random landser wandering into the range circle of the objective and blowing the bridge.

I've been the victim of some German unit tooling up the road and BLAM! There goes the bridge. How the hell would some unit from halfway across the map (especially one as large as "From the Meuse to the Rhine") know the intimate details of that bridges' charge placement and detonation points?! It doesn't make sense.

Bottom line is I really, really enjoy this series of titles and would want to see them tweaked to as perfect as possible.


JeffroK -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/27/2012 11:47:59 PM)

2) Is this 9SS Pz Recce Bn? I suppose the AI chooses whether to hold Nijmegen or Arnhem and decides to control the southenrmost bridge. IRL this is how Frost and 2 Para got the bridge and where in place to hold off the counterattack from the south.

nate25 -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/27/2012 11:56:25 PM)


9. SS. Aufkl. Abt. and I. Abt. KG Harder that I identified. I stopped the scenario not long after because 1st British Para Div. had literally overrun Arnhem.

Just tweaks, you know? It's up to you pros to decide what to go after.


simovitch -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 12:22:33 AM)

The Germans were intent on sending most of the reinforcements south across the Arnhem Bridge to defend the Waal and places further south. Frost stopped that plan when he siezed the north approach. Needless to say things would have played out very different had he not reached the Bridge on that first morning.

What you are seeing was observed during playtesting and we were satisfied with the AI's assessment of the situation. Just because we observed a different result than historical doesn't mean we didn't have fun playing it out to the end.[:)]

nate25 -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 12:35:31 AM)


I know about "not historical". I'm playing the Germans this time and I used the "Favor Axis" option. [:D]

I've got the 107. Pz. Bgd. firmly entrenched on the north side of the Waal opposite the Nigmegen bridges, plus units of the 10. SS. Pz. Div. are filtering in. It took me six hours to get the 107th into position (you guys still didn't make it easy), so we'll see how XXX Corps deals with that.


DerGrenadier -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 8:13:46 AM)

I played Joes Bridge yesterday. One static flak unit stopped my whole task force for maybe one hour, even after taking serious pounding by my Ari and my air assets. Strange thing was, as I looked at the E &S tab that the force consistecd of 1 K98. That was a tough guy there [:'(]

wodin -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 9:39:08 AM)

I don't know, people moan about AI's being way to easy and when we finally get one thats a challenge people moan about it being to hard and the game is unrealsitic etc etc...wargamers..I very much doubt I'd develop a wargame even if I could.


freeboy -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 4:29:41 PM)

I dont like havign to read these threads, they take too long, maybe if we color coded the responses I could readthem quicker...
oops.. forgot to take my no sarcasm pills..
I think the opisate.. that is to say leave them primed for awhile...

nate25 -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 5:22:50 PM)

Der Grenadier,

1 98k stopped a what, a brigade? For an hour? All I can say is, come on. . . [8|]


I hear you. I don't want to be able to run pell-mell over the map with nothing to stop me. Unrealistic. But I want to be stopped by units who had a real chance of stopping me. Not one man with a rifle holding up the whole Irish Brigade Group. For an hour. [:)]


All I can say is wow. Rocky Mountain Way, huh? [;)]

Thanks guys. It's all grist for the mill. I'm two days into the big scenario, and overall it's awesome.


nate25 -> RE: 2 Issues re: CO: HTTR (1/28/2012 5:51:36 PM)


It occured to me that if you weren't taking my last post in the spirit it was intended, you may be offended.

Just having fun. I was not casting dispersions. Sorry if it pissed you off.


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