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Byeohazard -> Do alot of folks play PBEM++ (1/25/2012 5:08:51 PM)

I've been playing alot of Panzer Corps multiplayer PBEM++ games. I never have a problem getting a game and was wondering if this game offers the same. Does it use Slitherines PBEM++ server based email system (which I feel is super duper)? I'm mostly wondering about how many PBEM++ games are generaly available. This looks like a tempting easy to get into game to purchase. I did read it is a bit puzzle like however and wonder how that would effect multiplayer.

Byeohazard -> RE: Do alot of folks play PBEM++ (1/26/2012 4:23:33 AM)

Decided to bite the bullet and pick up the game based on all the great forum feedback. Looks like it will be a superb game. Doesn't seem to use the PBEM++ feature which is a shame because it is nice to see what games are availabble on the server with that system or just place one on the server for someone to join. For pre aranged games Unity of Command does have a pretty good server based email system (no way to browse games but the game generates a code to give to your buddy so that he or she may join your game).
in my oppinion for turn based strategy the game looks great, the music is very good.....the unit sounds are servicable but not impressive. The UI looks like it is very well designed. I have not played much beyond taking a quick look but I think from what I have heard that the game play should be super.

OnTheContrary -> RE: Do alot of folks play PBEM++ (2/4/2012 7:51:50 PM)

I agree that the game would benefit greatly from PBEM++, given just how fluid the whole experience is. Can we expect this feature in a future patch?

demyansk -> RE: Do alot of folks play PBEM++ (2/6/2012 11:10:40 AM)

This game doesn't have pbem correct?

2xTom -> RE: Do alot of folks play PBEM++ (2/6/2012 4:48:15 PM)


ORIGINAL: demjansk

This game doesn't have pbem correct?


starting an "Internet Game" works exactly the same as PBEM, as described in this thread.



demyansk -> RE: Do alot of folks play PBEM++ (2/17/2012 12:07:28 PM)

Yes, this game does have PBEM, its just that the files is saved on the server, actually real easy to use

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