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PoorOldSpike -> I don't like 3D units (1/19/2012 11:28:58 AM)

Is there an option or mod to change the 3D units into flat 2D boardgame-type units?

VPaulus -> RE: I don't like 3D units (1/19/2012 11:49:57 AM)

jomni was making a mod for changing the units graphics for NATO counters but I think he never finished it.

Dumnorix -> RE: I don't like 3D units (1/19/2012 4:36:10 PM)

Play HPS simulations !


artofwar85 -> RE: I don't like 3D units (5/28/2012 2:22:35 PM)

I'm sorry Spike but thats kind of funny remember when this game or type of game came out I think this game was modeled after Panzer General do a wiki if you want on google we were running Dos still and Panzer General comes out EVERYTHING was markers then here is this game that has "intense graphics" explosions a pop up window showing a tank and calvary units in battle. If was quick and fast and one didn't have to look at a grey square and examine it closely to figure out if is inf or tank or if a tank if anti tank or recon and not tank but actually at times I do go and peruse the 2D board unit games Matrix has quite a few that look promising but then I still get pulled back to this type of presentation.

Now someone did or is doing a mod on here where they us different type of 3D stuff so maybe some stud could do markers ... good question.

Wait hold the phone here is a post a new on I think newer than yours its NATO COUNTERS right ??


Yeah it is Praise God your welcome stud ... enjoy it send the guy $ 100.00 to finish it up ...

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