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TPM -> Wishlist (1/18/2012 1:07:11 AM)

Well, you knew it was coming, especially with the developers hinting at future work on this game, etc.

Just want to point out that this game is fantastic as it is...the items on my list are things that I would like to see and that I think would not ruin the "vibe" of this game; but are NOT things that I think this game needs. That begs the question, "Then why write a Wishlist at all?" Answer: I'm bored at work.

1. ORGANIZATION: A way to organize the divisions into Corps or Armies...I'm big on this and I know a lot of you could care less about it. There could be combat bonuses for troops close to the HQ (a lot of games do this), or there wouldn't have to be any bonuses at all, it would just be for "immersion" purposes. This game is about the best operational game I've ever played, and at this level, it begs to have the units treated as part of bigger formations, like Guderian's 2nd Panzer Group, etc. I like the feeling that I'm sending a formation off to take an objective, as opposed to some random units that happen to be under my mouse cursor. Not sure how this would be implemented, but I'd love it if I clicked on a unit, and the other units in that formation were also highlighted...something like that.

Well, that's it for my list. Can't think of anything else. Feel free to post your wishlist items!

SeaMonkey -> RE: Wishlist (1/18/2012 4:11:55 AM)

I don't have the game, but I have often thought about something along the lines of what TPM has suggested and in fact if the units are nameable I usually customize them into some kind of higher organization. So there you go, nameable units.

On the lower side, how about allowing the players to organize the strength steps into a couple of echelons, representing a depth of deployment. First row is the presentation of the unit, strong or weak, big footprint(telling the enemy "I'm here") or weak, a masquerade, not revealing too much, and maybe there is nothing there(a sort of FoW). Maybe you want to overpower the enemy, strength upfront, imagine a couple of armored specialists here, assault guns, whatever, use your imagination, the enemy will be presenting different looks also, depending on terrain.

Second row, the rear echelon, are you on defense or do you want a follow up attack, obstinance on the offensive, to hell with the losses. If you're on defense, maybe a rear guard setup with the whole unit oriented to retreat at any level of enemy contact(give ground). Maybe its a pseudo defense, with armor and artillery specialists waiting to counterattack at penetration of the first defensive line, all at the owing players discretion. Anyway, you get my drift, use your imagination, but the AI may suffer with this added dimension of complexity.

GORTwillSAVEus -> RE: Wishlist (2/10/2012 8:17:40 PM)

I'd love to see at least one HUGE scenario. Haven't decided what "huge" means, but you get the idea. Huge as in WITE????

OnTheContrary -> RE: Wishlist (2/10/2012 8:30:45 PM)

WiTE is way too huge. But I agree that bigger scenarios would be lovely.

For me though, the priority is as follows:

1. "PBEM++" functionality - I'd really want to see a list of open games that I can join. This would require changes to the current multiplayer system, but I believe such a change would be beneficial and would greatly reduce the need to go hunting for opponents on different forums. I really don't feel like making yet another forum account over at the developer's site when I have one here.

2. More scenarios, especially MP-only. I love the game enough to be willing to pay for an expansion, although a smaller number of scenarios in a free update would be preferred (since that would mean everyone would have those).

3. Another game/theatre.

2xTom -> RE: Wishlist (2/12/2012 2:35:43 PM)

We're working on #1 and #2, stay tuned [;)]

OnTheContrary -> RE: Wishlist (2/12/2012 6:09:30 PM)

Awesome. [&o]

HansHafen -> RE: Wishlist (2/12/2012 7:41:24 PM)

This is a fun game. It deserves to be expanded. You build it, we will buy it! :)

gdrover -> RE: Wishlist (2/18/2012 6:11:03 PM)

Please also consider the 'large', if not 'huge' scenario.
By having a longer scenario over a larger map, instead of several smaller linked scenarios, you would avoid the puzzle feel and move this amazing system toward a real campaign feel.
Prestige could be awarded as objectives were captured, time elapsed, and unit kill levels were acheived.

The scope could be one Armee Gruppe (North, South, or Center) over a year or two.

2xTom -> RE: Wishlist (2/19/2012 7:38:15 PM)


You build it, we will buy it!

That's always good to know [:D]

2xTom -> RE: Wishlist (2/19/2012 7:43:11 PM)


ORIGINAL: gdrover
a longer scenario over a larger map

We're looking at doing this for one of the expansion scenarios. Some problems considered are e.g. making supply realistic over long distances, and making the casualty numbers work out over a longer time. We'd also need to be beef up the AI somewhat.

It looks doable, though.

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