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Phoenix100 -> Manhay (1/11/2012 10:25:18 PM)

Just finished Manhay with patch 2, as Axis. I was aiming for a draw (I think, historically, we'd have to say the Axis lost, no?) and was astonished to get a Marginal Victory. It feels like a very tough scenario to me. You can get into all the major objectives (except the exit objective, maybe, which seems to be a portal to allied reinforcement heaven and is constantly overrun with spawning units...) and hold a few of them (plus your base objectives, maybe) through Day 2, as the allied units mount, and mount, and mount...But day 3 is hell, and there's little you can do about it, it felt. So much allied materiel coming in, and merciless arty. You are overwhelmed, really. Don't know how I got a marginal victory - it was just a gruelling wait for the end.

Anyone any ideas on how to finesse this one?

I think it was maybe the key battle of the bulge - arguably. It was where all the Axis units got finally funnelled, having been stopped in the wings. It's instructive of why the Bulge is so frustrating to play, as Axis. You just haven't got enough men and kit to do it. The Allies are just flooding it in. Still, if I got a marg vic, then maybe I could do something that would up it a bit. My basic strat is to go for Manhay, Grandmenil and the three objectives in the hills above them, whilst trying to guard my flanks. But i wonder if it would be better to attack his spawn points with everything I've got instead? There are four clear areas where his reinforcements come in, nth of Manhay, East of Manhay, at the 'To Erezee' exit objective and somewhere up nth of Grandmenil, I think. I wonder if blocking him before he gets to the fight in Manhay and Grandmenil would be better? there's the problem of the lurking, cut-off task force down in the sth west corner, then though, and all those units in Manhay at start.

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