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2ndACR -> Rail Repair (1/11/2012 8:40:50 PM)

Any one tried dumping every construction bn from the Corps HQ's back to AGN, AGC, AGS, OKH and the Army HQ's?

Previously I had kept 3-4 in each Army HQ with about 6-8 each in the Army Group. I just spent 96 AP's dumping most back to major HQ's from the Corp HQ's. Now getting ready to start turn 3 with about 9 Corp to go.

Trying to speed up the rail repair with the new fix.

Schmart -> RE: Rail Repair (1/11/2012 8:58:37 PM)

Standard procedure for me since I played my very first GC after initial release. Took me a few turns to understand how RR worked, but I've never really done anything different. I keep 1 construction Bn in each Corps HQ (for nominal digging help on top of Pioneer Bns), and everything else back to AG HQs and OKH. I put all the extra Rumanian Bns in AG Antonescu and will even throw it some German Bns to give a fourth (later 5th) AG HQ base for RR.

Especially in 1941 and if you have larger gains in 1942, keeping the construction Bns in Corps HQs does little for RR as their range is so limited. AG HQs and OKH have a larger RR radius to send ants out. Kinda makes logical real world sense too: Rail Repair is not the job for a Corps HQ. That's a rear area (Army Group) concern...

In 1942 I usually start filtering the Bns back to Corps HQs to help dig. By 1943 there isn't too much left in higher HQs as everything is needed to dig.

Qitbuqa -> RE: Rail Repair (1/13/2013 11:03:05 AM)

A little bit of a necro, but I do it too. There is a drawback though. They will repair every rail line available, not the direct routes to the front line. In my current Road to Leningrad PBEM game 2 Bns are repairing X45/Y41, 2 Bns are repairing X46/Y41 and 2 more Bns are repairing X47/Y42 - not sure why I need those rail lines functional at all (especially so in a 18 turn scenario).

Balou -> RE: Rail Repair (1/13/2013 3:06:01 PM)



...keeping the construction Bns in Corps HQs does little for RR as their range is so limited.

There has been a post where an Axis player attached Constr Bns to SEC-HQs. Making use of the limited range of these Corps HQs, he could literally guide Constr Bns to get the job done on specific rail lines by moving the SEC-HQ. It works.

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