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Bazza042 -> Nobody Comes Back Scenario (1/11/2012 12:00:26 PM)

In the briefing notes for this scenario it states that:

"Patrols have located a small weir across the Our near Vianden
so a few assault guns will cross at that location before the
bridges are built
" (my italics)

This would appear to imply that a viable crossing already exists
but as the road there only shows as a 'crossing point' and the assault
guns resolutely refuse to cross to the other bank whether by 'assault'
or 'move' I am at loss to see the intent of this aspect of the briefing.
I have been up and down the river but all the right clicks appear to
show is a 'major river', so unless it is a click fest to find the weir
I am at a stand.

I realize that I can built a bridge, at the crossing, which will establish a
crossing point but that is hardly what the 'briefing notes' imply.

Is the map incorrect, the FJ cowardly or, most likely, have I missed something?

Congratulations on producing a brilliant game, made considerably better by the
latest 'fix'. Waiting optimistically for the "HTTR scenarios" release although
slightly disappointed that it does seem to include any airdrops.

Shame you're going East for the next iteration, however.....[;)]

simovitch -> RE: Nobody Comes Back Scenario (1/11/2012 12:18:59 PM)

The weir was there historically and a few StuG's from 11 Fallschirm StuG Bde crossed it on December 16th - and these show up as reinforcements on the west side of the river in Vianden. The remainder of the bde waited until a vehicle bridge was built. A weir on a winter river is not a fun crossing point for foot troops, nor was it used as such so it is not included in the game. I felt compelled to mention it in the briefing since the tanks "magically" appear in Vianden in the afternoon.

Re: HTTR, the para drops at Arnhem (including the Poles), Nijmegen, and Eindhoven are all included. The scenarios begin with the actual para and glider landings.[:)] Who told you otherwise?

Bazza042 -> RE: Nobody Comes Back Scenario (1/11/2012 2:28:04 PM)


Thanks for the clarification and the prompt response: I always was too impatient!

I had thought that one of the posts on the 'Arnhem/MG' scenarios had indicated a concentration
on the activities of 30 Corps but there have been so many posts under so many different
topics (to which I have just added another[:'(]) that I'm totally unable to locate it.

The trouble with the vast improvements that have been made to the game engine is that,
although I prefer Market Garden as a topic to the later releases, I'm now totallly spoilt.

Going back to RDOA, yes I have that as well, and HTTR and seeing the anti tank platoons 
and HQs leading many of the assaults and the paucity of options for the units I really can't get
properly into these any longer. How sad is that! Although I still find the hints and tips
from the HTTR Guide to be useful.

Yet if Cota and Bftb had never been published I'd still be happily playing HHTR......

Thanks again for the clarification.

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