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dhtdaviddht -> best to bombard with artillery or to assault? (1/10/2012 4:02:30 AM)

Hi All

my first post. As an ex-armoured corp officer I have really enjoying the game which shows the value of mechanised forces in breaking through and disrupting the enemy rather than simply haiving infantry-dominated slugfests like world war 1 stalemates! My military and history background helped getting into playing but I found the manual a bit light on in explaining some of the basic mechanics. Found out a few things from posts but still confused as to which choice is best for artillery.

Question for this post: In any (divisional) attack, is it more effective to use the artillery regiment to bombard or (where possible) should it move adjacent and instead also assault from an additional hex so that more concentric bonus is accrued?

Whilst I have been enjoying playing the game which has a great historical feel and shows imporatance of supply and command/control I must confess that after a few turns - as units become a bit disorganised - the game tends to degenerate into administrivia with much time spent continually hunting thru stacks to find all divisional elements to maximise div bonuses plus making sure within HQ range - remedies to this administrivia would be a few simple few overlays etc that have all been covered and compiled by that excellent post by rocketman so just add my vote to get these added in please!

Hope to see some new campaigns - western desert, balkans etc but before Barbarossa definitely need to use computers power to ease the supply and administration burden with overlay info so human can concentrate on strategy

thanks for excellent gaming system

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