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Yaamon -> Solution for fast Scrolling... (1/9/2012 11:18:13 PM)

Found a very reasonable solution to the problem of scrolling using the mouse that is way too fast in CoI.

This is a Windows 7 solution. I have no idea if it is the same in Vista.

This problem is caused by the scrolling mechanism that is tied to the speed of the CPU. Since CPU speeds are dramatically faster than in the late 90s, we have scrolling speed that are now way too fast.

Under Control Panel | Power Options set up a plan to use for CoI. I just use the "Power saver" plan for CoI (which already exists) because that plan is not in use on my desktop system.

Select "Change Plan Settings" on that plan and then Select "Change Advanced Power Settings". Then select the "+" to expand "Processor Power Management". Then select the "+" to expand "Maximum Processor State". Set the maximum to 25%. That is the setting I use on my i7 quad core; it works like charm. Scrolling is reasonable. You may have to set the max higher or lower, depending on your computer and scrolling speed preferences.

Make sure the Plan with slower CPU is selected currently and your good to go. After using CoI reset the Power Plan to the usual ("Balanced" on my computer) to get the CPU going fast again.

Note that this solution works for Close Combat IV also, but that game required a max setting of 10% to get the scrolling slow enough. FYI.

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