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CV32 -> New HCE scenario - Op Praying Mantis, 1988 Hypothetical Scenario (1/8/2012 8:58:36 PM)

New HCE scenario - Operation Praying Mantis, 1988 Hypothetical Scenario
By Enrique Mas


Operation Praying Mantis was the Reagan administration answer to the Irani attacks on neutral tanker shipping and inmediate consequence of the mining deployed from the LST Iran Arj against the USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58) on 14 April 1988. This operation is often cited as one of the five historical naval actions to decisively stablish the USN supremacy in a determined theater of operations. It also marked the U.S. Navy's first exchange of anti-ship missiles by ships. In the context of Iran-Iraq War the Tanker War phase (1984-1988) was one of the more complex post-WWII campaigns from the naval viewpoint.

This scenario represents a What if? scenario, with a full compromise of all the Iranian forces against the US side, without the prudence demostrated in the historical engagement.

Note: This scenario is designed mostly to be played from the US/Blue and it's better to play that side in first place, and to play it later from the Iranian/Red side because it can be a little frustrating and boring, but the victory is also possible.

This scenario is designed for the Middle East Battleset and the official HCE database (HCDB-111211 or later).

You can download the scenario and database from HarpGamer.

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