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HPT KUNZ -> Ardennes 19444- German Historic vs Elmer (1/7/2012 3:36:27 AM)

Here is my first go at an AAR, as well as the graphics. Inspired by Oberst Klink's nice tutorial over at Gefectsstand.

Here is the German Fifth Panzer Armee zone on the morning of 16 Dec. Note that only the HQs of 2.Pz Div and Panzer Lehr are on the map at this time. The divisional units will appear as the normally would come up on road march. This is a work-around to prevent an ahistoric appearance of German armor on the Clerf River prior to 17 Dec and crossing the Clerf on the 18th.
Likewise the 116.Pz Div is held up by the report the bridge at Ouren was too light for German panzers and the division was diverted to cross at Dasburg.

I have been testing this scenario- now 3.0 - with the philosophy that if the historic plan is follow, there should be a reasonable chance of achieving the historic result (2.Pz should reach Celles and Peiper should be able to take Stavelot.) After that the player can take alternative courses of action with reasonable assurance that they are playing with reasonable correct historic parameters.

I am not sure of the future course of this tread-feedback will be appreciated.

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