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KG Erwin -> My 1942 USMC Battalion Landing Team (1/6/2012 8:32:45 PM)

With the latest OOB patch, I decided to try another USMC long campaign, with a specially modified Marine OOB to accomodate my core force.

The 1942 BLT is led by a Lt Col, rather than a Col, so I used the Chlanda SPWAW Editor to change my rank. I have a Dodge Command vehicle as my personal transport.

The BLT's attachments are three sections of M2A4 tanks, two 37mm ATGs, two 50 cal AAMGs, and four 81mm mortars. The arty and mortars all have jeep transport.

The three rifle companies each have three 60mm mortars, three 30 cal HMG, three 30 cal MMG, a section of engineers, and a recon platoon attached. The rifle squads are typical for the time period, equipped with 30 cal Springfield 03s, BARs and Reising SMGs. The engineers have explosives but no flamethrowers.

The total point cost is 1649. I designed it this way to ease the upgrade path from 1943 to 1945. I added the 50 cals to give me a bit of AA support, as the Japanese will sometimes use air support in clear weather battles. The ATGs were typical attachments in the Pacific war, even though there is little threat from Japanese armor.

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