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ypzou -> problems about initiative (1/5/2012 2:18:22 PM)

I play these game for a while but still not quite understand the initiative mechanism and played basically on intuition and history.
Wish anyone can explain the initiative formula, and especially what dose ôroll 21ö in red circle means[&o]

In my resent game play as Union. it is very odd that Union Army commander got initiative nearly every turn, even in winter 61[&:] I checked my previous turn and found these AC got ôrollö numbers always above 20 and mostly 28. Dose that hints anything wrong? How could that happen


lparkh -> RE: problems about initiative (1/5/2012 5:58:43 PM)

Well I'm thinking it is what the computer "rolled" on a 100 sided "die". 21 is < 47 therefore McClellan got intiative. His chance was 47%.
But I could be wrong :-)

Treefrog -> RE: problems about initiative (1/8/2012 3:42:05 PM)


The initiative formula consists of the four categories described at 6.4, bottom of page 76 of rules (for army commander).

Initiative is calculated differently for each group of leaders: TC, AC, unit commander not in region with AC. AC is the most important and you use that as an example, so let me try to help on the AC initiative.

As you noted, the four categories are:
attack rating (modified)
home (or depot) modifier
"help" from the TC
"time" factor added by patch but not discussed in the rule book, it is found in the addendum

these four factors are added together and compared to a single die roll. The die has 14 faces in non-winter 1862 and after, 21 faces in non-winter 1861, and 28 faces in winter.

In your example the die roll was 2+5+5-2 = 10 divided by 21 = 47%. Think of this as a fraction. the four categories are the numerator and the season/year is the denominator. 2+5+5-2 divided by 21 = 47%. Leader has a 47% chance.

The number in the red circle is not your die roll, it is what your die roll is compared to. The red circle number changes according to the season/year. The "21" in your example means the leader is checking initiative during a non-winter turn in 1861. If it were November 1862 that number in the red circle would be 28; if June 1863 that number would be 14.

Hope this helps (and I hope I am correct).

ypzou -> RE: problems about initiative (1/9/2012 9:43:13 AM)

Thank you all carefully analys,Thank you TreeFrog! Now I understand this formula. [:D]
Since there are nothing abnormal about the initiative calculationüCI still not quite understand why Union AC initiated every trun, even winter 1861, during my recent game. [X(]Dose anyone met that before? I scanned my pc found some filed be infected by virus, but it hard to find any clue about linkage. Or this happens just Incidentally?

Joel Billings -> RE: problems about initiative (1/9/2012 5:46:43 PM)

It is very uncommon for a Union AC to activate nearly every turn. Could be just luck. Treefrong's explanation is correct. Thanks to both Treefrog and Iparkh for hanging around and helping out those playing WBTS.

lparkh -> RE: problems about initiative (1/9/2012 8:52:54 PM)

Thanks Joel. Treefrog is the true centurion but glad to help. I'm a latecomer but true believer now :-) Really enjoy the FOW uncertainty as well as command uncertainy (what will activate) in PBEM play. The supply rules are very subtle. I worry a lot about railroad these days :-)
Wish this game had gotten more attention. It's nice to have a Grigsby at a more playable scale for the average mortal than War in the East or War in Pacific. Much as I lust for those games I just don't have the time.
Maybe this should get few google word advertising dollars around major 150 year anniversary events...

Treefrog -> RE: problems about initiative (1/12/2012 12:40:22 AM)

I am very upset that someone may design a virus to give the Union AC initiative every month !!! [;)]

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