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governato -> Update on Eastern Front 1941-1945 [OBSOLETE] (1/5/2012 5:46:42 AM)

This thread was for an obsolete test scenario that has now been replaced. Old links have been removed.

Eastern Front 1941-1945 - V1.0 (Dec 31st 2011) for TOAWIII v3.4

by F.Governato

This scenario was extensive redesign of 'Russian Front' provided with the TOAW III original CD and designed by Piero Falotti and Silvanski.

Silvanski -> RE: New Scenario available: Eastern Front 1941-1945 (1/5/2012 6:42:28 AM)

thanks.. will check it out

governato -> Update: East Front 1941-1945 v2.0 in the works. (6/12/2012 11:30:47 PM)

I am working on an significant update of 'East Front 41-45' (Russian Front at the Korps/Army level) after playtesting with Mark Dabbs in Spring (we wrote a fun AAR and got out to 1943). I plan to release the new version in late Summer 2012.

Planned Improvements:

- An historically accurate estimate of production rates for both sides, as a lot of new data have become available.
- As already for the Red Army, make the Axis squad replacements separate from production of guns/tanks/planes (historically squad replacements went down, the latter went up).
- Using Theather Options to make the 42+ Red Army OOB somewhat flexible and depending on player's choices to fit the needs of the ongoing campaign.
- Accounting for attrition losses (due to low level combat and illnesses) through Pestilence effects.
- TOEs of Army and Korps level units that keep into account the large number of independent regiments and battalions attached to them.
- Making Pioneers and Sappers separate from Construction units using a dedicated equipment file.
- Perhaps allowing a few interesting what-if for the German side including rebalancing the production of tanks or more emphasis on the submarine war. Need to work out the penalties, as they will be zero sum changes.
- Sorry no Nazi spaceships!
- Some map retouches
- Resist the temptation to add lots of units. There is the amazing FITE for that!
- Suggestions?

governato -> The Eastern Front 1941-1945 v2.0 in final testing. (10/16/2012 9:27:19 PM)

Just a quick update to mention that the new scenario 'The Eastern Front' is in its final testing phase. This will not be an upgrade of the scenario originally posted here, but a complete new one (still at 30km/hex, 1 week/turn, 205 turns. 800+ events, options for different production choices and variable OOB, 'Soviet Union 41' disband model for replacements).
Currently writing the documentation, checking for small bugs and preparing a quick AAR. A fancy PO will have to wait for TOAW 3.5, but life is short, so why wait.

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