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gregwil -> Missing scenarios (12/29/2011 12:30:13 AM)

Having problems with the Harpoon Ultimate Commander's Edition. Have downloaded the fix for the messagae windows being only the left half. Question now is "Are there suppose to be scenarios in the game for South Africa, South America and the Middle East? If so, they are not showing up in my game.

TonyE -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/29/2011 2:51:57 PM)

There are not supposed to be scenarios in those battlesets.  They are placeholders waiting for user-created scenarios. 

You can get some at:
Caribbean http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?autocom=downloads&showcat=17
South Atlantic http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?autocom=downloads&showcat=18
South Africa (highly recommended!) http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?autocom=downloads&showcat=19
Middle East http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?autocom=downloads&showcat=20

gregwil -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/29/2011 6:53:07 PM)

Thanks for the input. I downloaded those files to my Download folder but I don't know how to open them to play them. They are compressed files and my computer doesn't recognize the file endings allowing me to open them. By the way, I am not the smartest computer guy in the universe and need help in the simplest computer issues.

Warhorse64 -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/29/2011 11:59:54 PM)

Depending on what operating system you are using, you may be able to uncompress the files simply by double-clicking on them. If that doesn't work, you can download PKZip from here: http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm, which is the relevant software to create and open .zip files. IIRC, the free version will work for about 30 days. Once you have the downloads uncompressed, move them to the game folder, which is usually C:\Matrix Games\(name of Harpoon version). You should then be able to see the scenarios by selecting the appropriate battleset and then choosing the 'User Scenario' button on the right.

TonyE -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/30/2011 2:58:32 PM)

gregwil, do you happen to know what operating system you are using?  Any windows version XP or newer (XP, Vista, 7) has the built-in ability to extract the .zip files you should be downloading.  We'll get you there if you have the patience :)

michaelm75au -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/30/2011 3:54:28 PM)

If you want to get a zip utility, I would suggest the free open source one 7-zip. It supports most of the other compression methods in addition to just 'zip' files.

gregwil -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/30/2011 5:10:48 PM)

I am using Windows 7. Computer purchased last Feb. Direct X is up to date.

TonyE -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/30/2011 10:12:07 PM)

I expect you are opening the .zip file fine with the integrated .zip handling of Windows and that you are running into an issue by trying to double-click on the scenario file which has an extension that starts with .SC .

If you are at the screen that shows you a file with a .SC? (where question is any character) you should see text that says "Extract all files", click that and for the folder entry type C:\Matrix Games\HUCE , untick the "Show extracted files when complete" and click "Extract". Then fire up the HC game, select the proper battleset, click the "User Scenario" button and find the files you extracted.

Holler if you need more info or are having a different issue.

gregwil -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/31/2011 6:00:45 PM)

When I try to open the downloaded file windows will not do it. It says Windows can't open this file.

gregwil -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/31/2011 6:17:02 PM)

Still having huge problems. I was able to follow your directions about un zipping the file, but can't find it in the matrix games\huce anywhere.

TonyE -> RE: Missing scenarios (12/31/2011 7:34:53 PM)

okay, at least the built-in zip utility is working [:)]. My next stab at this will probably be Monday, everyone feel free to step in and have a Happy New Year!

TonyE -> RE: Missing scenarios (1/3/2012 3:22:53 PM)

Monday was appropriated for kitchen redesign research and initial dreaming, I'll see about posting something tonight or tomorrow evening.

What scenario are you downloading? If I make a little video I can use the one you are trying to play.

gregwil -> RE: Missing scenarios (1/3/2012 4:47:15 PM)

OK. After spending several hours I was able to get the download to work. Haven't had the time to actually see if the program is working as it is supposed to. I will try later today and see if I am successful. Thank everyone for their help in this matter.

gregwil -> RE: Missing scenarios (1/4/2012 4:59:13 PM)

Tried to play the downloaded South American scenario and had the following problems: Airbases had wrong id on them. The fast forward time thing would slow down and stop the game if I tried to advance the game beyond +10 seconds. This also happens when trying to play any regular game scenarios.

Warhorse64 -> RE: Missing scenarios (1/4/2012 10:29:55 PM)

I'm not sure why you are seeing the fast forward issue, but I suspect the problem with the base IDs may be because you are using the wrong database. All of the scenarios for South America available at HarpGamer require a non-standard DB to play.

CV32 -> RE: Missing scenarios (1/4/2012 11:22:27 PM)

I expect Warhorse has pegged your problem. It is important - critical even - that you match the custom scenario with the database used to create it. A custom scenario may or may not use the standard database that comes with the game. At HarpGamer, the download page for the scenario will also contain information about what database is used, and you can download that too.

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