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Kobris -> GC '41 - missing scenarios? (12/28/2011 5:20:35 PM)


I finished the Zolotonosha scenario, and after also the Vyazma. Then I could choose between Moscow and Demyan pocket. OK.
BUT! :-) Where are Ostrov, Novgorod and Leningrad41 scenarios?! They shoud be after Zolotonosha... I tried marginal victory on Zolotonosha, even tried to loose, but I always get directed towards the Vyazma scenario!



p.s. Panzer Corps v1.05

nikivdd -> RE: GC '41 - missing scenarios? (12/30/2011 10:13:26 AM)

These scenario depend on the path you chose...either to Leningrad or to Kiev and they have several seperate missions to join back up towards Moskow.

Once i chose the path to Kiev and once i chose the path to Leningrad which is somewhat harder.

If i remember well you had the choice after the first mission in Russia.

Kobris -> RE: GC '41 - missing scenarios? (12/30/2011 2:32:04 PM)

Damn :-) Good point, I forgot about it :-) Tnx

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