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billg1949 -> AI cheating?? (12/25/2011 9:38:51 AM)

it seems that every scenario i play....regardless of which side i'm on.....i am ALWAYS on the offensive. is there a reason that the developers did not code a scenario where the AI is on the offensive??

vonRocko -> RE: AI cheating?? (12/25/2011 2:27:43 PM)

Just my opinion, but I feel it would be very hard to program the AI to do the troop shuffling that is required in this game. Not to mention assigning the assets. Traditionaly, AIs' suck on the offense.

billg1949 -> RE: AI cheating?? (12/25/2011 10:09:09 PM)

your probably right....however Battle Academy has plenty of AI offensive scenarios. they are a lot of fun too!

lparkh -> RE: AI cheating?? (12/26/2011 1:13:04 AM)

In Battle Academy of PC you can throw units at the human and that makes for a threatening offense with sufficient force. Essentially a tower defense game ;-) But as VonRocko suggests doing offense in this game requires a lot of finesse because there is such risk of being cut off. That being said, the Soviets could manage an AI offensive better because they have more units with which they could pad their attacks.
On the other hand, upon reflection, the defensive AI in this game is pretty offensive ( a lot of counterstrokes). So maybe it is more doable then we imagine,

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