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doomtrader -> COPIED - Tuesday Morning Exercises part 1 (12/23/2011 1:14:26 AM)

This is a copy of the thread from Slitherine forum, posted couple of months ago.
Original thread is here:



In this thread I'll write about various things in Time of Fury. Most of the issues I will rise here will be not directly about the gameplay. Rather about everything around.

Today I would like to present you an image describing counter layout.

What you must know, the game allows to use different types of skin for map and for units.
When a map skin is changed, it's usually changing only the visual part of the game, but when you are changing a unit's skin it allows you to change not only the look of the units, but also the information that you are getting. As you probably see on the images from the official announcement, units were represented by sprites with only basic information about strength points, action points and nationality.
This of course can be changed and even with sprites you can have as much information presented as on the image below.


1 – National Insignia/Flag [Color of counter also shows nationality]
2 – Unit sign (Inf/Mot/Arm/Para) [Corps sign large and opaque, Division sign small and transparent]
3 – Low Supply Sign (Supply Dot) [appears when supply is lower than 10]
4 – Multidirectional Attack Still available Sign (Blue Dot) [Disappears when unit has participated in a multidirectional attack in the turn]
5 – Action Points (AP) with green box, when AP’s left [Green Box disappears when no AP’s left]
6 – Strength Points of unit
7 – Reinforcement Sign (Yellow Dot) [ Appears when unit can be reinforced and disappears when unit strength equals 100%]
8 – Technology level of unit
9 – Leader in Unit (Larger HQ Sign)
10 – XXX for Corps Marking, XX for Division Marking


When unit is frozen, red X appears in the middle of the unit
When unit is under the influence of a leader, a smaller HQ sign appears in the left upper corner

As you can see the level of detailed information is pretty high so it is up to you how much you would like to know without entering units panel.

Akmatov -> RE: COPIED - Tuesday Morning Exercises part 1 (3/1/2012 5:34:45 AM)

This should be on the front page of your 86 page manual and as a sticky at the top of the forum. I shouldn't have had to spend an hour digging around in the forums to stumble across this.

This is so so NOT satisfactory in a $50 game!

Now I'm wondering what other vital info hasn't been shared with us customers or is hidden somewhere.

Yes, I'm very irritated. Yes, I have a reason. No, I'm not being negative about the game (which I'm still trying to figure out how to play) or the people who produced it (well, not personally anyway).

doomtrader -> RE: COPIED - Tuesday Morning Exercises part 1 (3/1/2012 7:06:42 AM)

We just wanted to put most crucial informations into the manual.

Romdanzer -> RE: COPIED - Tuesday Morning Exercises part 1 (3/1/2012 10:17:41 PM)

Bump for this thread!


gravyface_ -> RE: COPIED - Tuesday Morning Exercises part 1 (8/12/2012 1:14:37 PM)


ORIGINAL: doomtrader

We just wanted to put most crucial informations into the manual.

Reviving an old thread, but you didn't think an explanation of counters should be in the manual?

I too am annoyed.

I held off on ToW because of the bugs/inconsistencies; I held off on ToF until 1.02 came out; I'm finally getting a chance at playing this now.

I can only imagine what the early adopters had to go through.

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