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SargeantTex -> Rockets (12/22/2011 10:23:40 AM)

does the aircraft firing rockets model work in AE want to modify my aircraft to carry them does anyone know if they have a good track record in the game?

packerpete -> RE: Rockets (12/22/2011 3:09:06 PM)

It does kinda. It is my understanding that he aircraft carriage limits (at present in game) are pretty much limited to what you see in the normal range and extended range frame when you pull up the aircraft data page. Other weapons do work but the game has massive problems pulling up other types of ordinance. Example: Curtiss Helldiver could carry rockets, torpedoes, mines, depth bombs and other types of ordinance but in game are limited to 3? types of load outs. Normal range bomb load, extended range bomb load, and normal range bomb load (possibly enhanced) dependant on the experience level of the squadrons commander?

In short: Many people have played with the editor to get all the other munitions as possible loaded and they do work but it raises all kinds of hell with the code. There are a couple of threads on the subject and I believe JWE was the main guru warning everyone not to do it. Hope this helps in the short term until someone smarter than I get you a better answer.

JeffroK -> RE: Rockets (12/23/2011 12:59:45 AM)

You can mod the 5" rocket easily and fit it to your chosen aircraft.
I drastically dropped the stats, made accuracy 1 and lowered the effect plus made them a ripple of 2 units so instead of 8 on a P47 you get 4 sets of 2 rockets and gave them a load of 125 (So that a FB that can carry 2000lbs can lift only 8 rockets).
My problem is my aircraft seemed to be able to carry the rockets in addition to a full bomb load.
Example, My F6F has a capacity of 2000lbs, Instead of carrying 2 x 1000lb bombs or 8 x 5" rockets (maybe ahistorical as the F6F seemed to carry 6 rockets) they carried 2 x 1000lb bombs and 8 x 5" rockets.
It seems the game will lift whatever you put in the slots instead of calculating weights.
If you could get the alternate load system working you could make a 1000lb bomb alternate to a 4 x 5" package.

Despite this they seemed fairly historical, lots of small damage to LCU and aircraft, I hit a DD but low damage.
PS I did a 60lb eqivalent for the RAF

Iron Duke -> RE: Rockets (12/23/2011 10:20:42 AM)

Hi Jeffk,
Have you tried using the fields 'Alt Device' and 'Alt Use' in the Editor .... Alt device points to the alternatine bomb/rocket to use and the Alt use is the 'code' to when to use the alt device .. however .. I'm not sure what the various codes mean ..
example from the editor device 202 .. 250lb GP Bomb has alt device of 1887.. and alt use of 40
device 1887.. 250lb SAP Bomb has alt device of 202... and alt use of 4

just a guess but i think '40' points to naval type attack and '4' to ground type attacks but I'm just guessing

This only helps if you want different loadouts for different mission types .(I think).

Hopefully somebody who knows for sure will chip in the required info.

JuanG -> RE: Rockets (12/23/2011 11:33:42 AM)

See here;

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