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bcgames -> JSGME and WITE (12/21/2011 4:20:19 AM)

JSGME is a program that allows you to quickly swap out a game's original files for modified files--without losing the originals.

If you're interested in this capability, here's what to do:

1. Download the program here:


2. Launch the JSGME exe and install it in the c:\Matrix Games\Gary Grigsby's War in the East folder. Accept the default for installing a shortcut to desktop.

3. Create a sub-folder called MODS inside the c:\Matrix Games\Gary Grigsby's War in the East folder

4. Place whatever JSGME-compatible mod you have in the MODS folder.

EXAMPLE: In the image below you can see the MODS folder that I created in my WITE game directory. You can also see two JSGME-compatible mods that I placed in this folder (FrontLineDate_Zoom2 and MapNames_Zoom2).


5. Now double-click on the JSGME shortcut for WITE on your desktop. You will see listed all the JSGME-compatible mods that you have placed in the WITE MODS folder. Now you can select all/some/none of the WITE mods you want to use. Once the mods are loaded, close JSGME and then load WITE as you normally would. You are now ready to play--with mods.

(Thanks to Iron Duke for this tip)

bcgames -> RE: JSGME and WITE (12/21/2011 5:06:32 AM)

If you think you want to try JSGME, here's a test for you.

Follow the instructions above, and then get the file attached to this post. The attached file is a JSGME-compatible mod for the WITE main splash screen. Download the file and unzip it in your newly-created MODS folder. As per item 5 above, double-click on the JSGME shortcut for WITE on your desktop. You should see the WITE_Splash_Soviet1 mod listed as an available mod on your JSGME screen. Select the mod. Once the mod is loaded, close JSGME and load WITE. If you've done everything correctly, then your load screen should look like this:


I will be making all my WITE Art mods JSGME-compatible in the near future. But once you see how this tool works, there's nothing stopping you from converting all the current mods NOW for your immediate use.

Give it a try...I wish I had about eight months ago...but I was too busy backing up my files... [;)]

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