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anorthrop -> Bravo on Streets of Moscow scenario! (12/20/2011 4:20:11 PM)

I send my congratulations to the designers for making the Streets of Moscow scenario. When I first looked at the map on this scenario I instantly new what General Paulus must have been thinking when he was tasked with taking Stalingrad with the 6th army! My army is not designed for this kind of action! I have 6 infantry units and about the same number of armored units in my army.

Has anyone played this scenario yet? If so, do you have any suggestions about how to proceed?

I don't feel as though I have enough infantry to effectively take all the districts. I also feel as though my panzers will get mauled once I get into the dense urban areas. Do you recommend trading in some of your veteran panzers and getting green infantry?

CptFeubahr -> RE: Bravo on Streets of Moscow scenario! (1/7/2012 4:12:57 PM)

I would love to hear some feedback on this as well, re: streets of Moscow

I thought about doing the same thing, but the reason I didnt, is because of the unit cap.

Every last unit I have has been busy every turn, so I need them to be at their absolute best.

I just finished playing through and failing to take all the districts, so I might try to reconfigure for this assault.

The weather did not really hinder my air power too badly when it was all said and done, so I think I want to keep my Stukas in the fight to take on hard targets...

Good luck!

CptFeubahr -> RE: Bravo on Streets of Moscow scenario! (1/7/2012 8:01:27 PM)


I just scored a decisive victory in Streets of Moscow, after changing over to an infantry and arty heavy force.

The key was my bountiful Gebirgsjager infantry. I didnt need to buy them halftracks as they were able to maneuver quickly through the streets of moscow, and help setup the assaults

When armor comes at you, counter with 88 AA, and hopefully some Stukas if the weather permits.

Good Luck!

PGBamaJP -> RE: Bravo on Streets of Moscow scenario! (1/8/2012 6:00:38 AM)

Moscow '41 Starategy as follows:

Infantry only in towns/forests, armor only in open (non-towns/forests)
Advance slowly and always back-up units, especially armor with artillery.
Always pre-bomb enemy armor with artillery & tacticals before ground assault.
Achieve air superiority asap. Cease spending prestige on fighters, save for tacticals.
Never accept 2-hit on self combat prediction. Use more artillery & tacticals first.
Use overwhelming numbers in all attacks. Never let a unit escape alive.
Either don't attack it at all, or be committed to destroying it in one turn.
Attack at Lower Right, Drive to 2nd Airport on Right & Kremlin and maintain line between.
Never allow intruders through lines. Be prepared for counter attacks from top right & left.
Achieved Decisive on Turn 22.
If you didn't start with my army (see below), I think you'll have a tough time.


I'm a veteran PG1 user, just bought PC with '39, '40 & '41 campaigns.
Played '39-'45 Campaign at Colonel. Decisived almost all. Replayed some.
Descovered that artillery and AA are not as effective as in PG1.
Bought extended campaigns.
Set '39 to Lieutenant, '40 to Colonel, and '41 to General (to get the feel, first).
P.S. - I suspect that Field Marshal from the beginning of '39expanded is almost impossible.
Replayed some scenarios, not willing to achieve anything but a Decisive.
Always Elited units (usually just back to 10), never ordinary replacments.
Fighters always to overstrength max.
When I reached Moscow '41, my army was as follows:
All Units at 3 Stars, 34 Units
8 JU87Ds
6 ME109Es
5 Artillerys (HTs)
10 Pz IVFs
5 Pioneers (HTs)


CptFeubahr -> RE: Bravo on Streets of Moscow scenario! (1/8/2012 11:22:48 PM)

I'm surprised that you were able to move into the streets of Moscow with only 5 Infantry units. If you did in fact keep your 10 PzIVs out in the open, you had a very different approach.

In my last decisive victory, I decided to launch a frontal assault with my 8-10 Gebirgsjager and Fallschirm mix, backed by 'SturmArtillery'. In this way, the terrain and weather were more of a disadvantage to the defender than to me, as they were the ones trying to maneuver on flanks to get position for counterattack

trokoshea -> RE: Bravo on Streets of Moscow scenario! (2/16/2012 3:38:52 AM)

I'm going to try that battle tomorrow. My own force is currently based on sixes so that I can split it in 2 or 3 fairly even manoeuver forces:
6x Me109F
6x Ju87D
3x Pioniere
3x Gebirgsjager (2 elites)
6x artillery iG21?
2x sdkfz 232
2x pzkw IIIg (2 elites)
5x pzkw IVf
3x captured tanks (t34 and KV1a)

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